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Best Starfield Mods 2023

Wondering what are the best Starfield Mods? Check out our guide to find out the most essential mods for all the players.

Like Bethesda’s Skyrim, Starfield has received full mod support ever since its early access release. That said, modding can upgrade your gameplay to a whole next level with incredibly versatile tweaks and new features. These mods range from getting various color changes and overhauls to enabling your Achievements or trophies despite modding. So, check out our guide to find out the 10 best Starfield mods you should install for all the players.

Best Mods in Starfield

Here are the ten best mods you can install to upgrade your gameplay and add new changes:

  • Achievement Enabler
  • Deep Space Reshade
  • Easy Speech
  • The Eyes of Beauty
  • Easy Digipick
  • Cleanfield
  • Starfield Performance Optimizations
  • In-game FOV Changer
  • DualSense PS5 Icons
  • Better NPCs

Let’s delve into all of the above-listed mods in more detail:

Achievement Enabler

If you use the console commands and cheats, you might know the pop-up which states that using them will disable achievements. Luckily, the Achievement Enabler solves this problem with ease allowing you to earn achievements or trophies. This mod is essential if you wish to speed up the game progression.

Deep Space Reshade

While many players admire the beauty of Bethesda’s most expansive universe, some would like to differ. The Deep Space Reshade mod by Xtudo might be a match for those players looking for a much more realistic sci-fi atmosphere. With no FPS loss, this lightweight mod sharpens your image as it modifies the colors and shadows in-game. With the desaturated colors and deep shadows, this is one of our best recommended Reshade mods for Starfield.

Best Starfield Mods
Image Source – NexusMods

Easy Speech

For the players completing the main campaign, getting perfect dialogue checks require tons of save scumming. To solve that, the Easy speech mod automatically allows you to pass all the speech checks with NPCs. It can save plenty of your time spent in save scumming and trying out the needed outcome.

The Eyes of Beauty

You may know The Eyes of the Beauty if you have used mods for Skyrim or Fallout. Since Starfield is a sci-fi RPG game, it is essential to look like the part you wish to play. Being a pure comsetics mod, it adds a plethora of custom eyes for players to select.

Easy Digipick

We can relate if you found the Digipick mechanic easier at first glance but more challenging as you keep on solving them. The Easy Digipick mod as its name implies makes the entire process easier. Even though the Master Locks would still be a bit difficult, they are all re-balanced for an easier result. While the process can be time-consuming, this essential mod can help you earn the loot rewards in no time.


The Cleanfield mod removes all the intros and almost the entire intro before the game boots. Being one of the most minimalistic Starfield mods, it offers a Clean menu with no logo and message of the day. However, these features are optional and can be changed later.

Starfield Performance Optimizations

Considering its high system requirements, it’s safe to say that Starfield couldn’t be running smoothly for all the PCs. Fortunately for such players, the Starfield Performance Optimizations mod offers minor tweaks that give you the highest frame rates in return.

Best Starfield Mods
Image Source – NexusMods

In-game FOV Changer

With the lack of FOV options, the in-game FOV changer mod allows you to take charge of changing it yourself. Compared to editing the custom ini files, this mod is a more user-friendly option.

DualSense PS5 Icons

This mod replaces all the Xbox icons with PlayStation icons for players to instantly get started. If you are using a PS5 controller to play Starfield, pressing the Xbox buttons can be a bit confusing for first-timers. However, you can navigate the menu effortlessly in no time using the Dualsense PS5 icons mod.

Better NPCs

Set in the future dystopian sci-fi world, the NPCs in Starfield can be quite lifeless at times. The Better NPCs mod can come to your rescue with its realistic tweaks and conversations. As stated in the mod description, this mod “makes NPCs act less like NPCs”.

That’s all covered about the best Starfield mods. If you found this guide helpful, explore more Starfield Guides and Gaming-related content in our dedicated section right here on Technclub.