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Starfield Item IDs List

Here's the complete list of every Item ID in Starfield.

Starfield features a plethora of Item IDs that can help you spawn different categories of items in no time. These include weapons, ships, Armor, and different types of useful resources to help you speed up progression. But that said, using these cheats can disable all of your achievements and trophies. Also, note that you can use these Item IDs only on PC.

So, check out our complete list of all the Item IDs in Starfield. In this guide, we have also explained the steps to use them with console commands. Further, we will be updating this list by adding more IDs, so stay tuned.

How to Use Item IDs in Starfield

You can use Item IDs by using the following cheats in the Console Command menu:

  • ‘additem (Item ID) (Ammount)’
  • ‘addperk (Perk ID)’ – For Skills
  • ‘placeatme (Weapon ID)” – For Weapons

You can open the Console Command dialog box by pressing the tilde button (~). Once opened, enter the above text with the required item ID and value. For example, if you want more credits, the item ID is “0000000F”. So, if you want 1000 credits, the entered command will be as follows:

  • player.additem 0000000F 1000

Before we start with our list, here are some useful Item IDs in Starfield that can ease up your playthrough.

Most Useful Starfield Console Item IDs

Item Name Item IDs
Credits 0000000F
Digipicks 0000000A
Advanced weapon mod (lvl 4) 0028F444
Heart+ 0029CAD9
Despondent Assassin (Legendary) 0014920B
Urban Eagle  0026D96D

Skill IDs

Skill Names Item IDs Skill Type
Wellness 002CE2E1 Physical
Weight Lifting 002C59D9 Physical
Stealth 002CFCB2 Physical
Rejuvenation 0028AE13 Physical
Pain Tolerance 002CFCAE Physical
Nutrition 002CFCAD Physical
Nuerostrikes 002C53B4 Physical
Martial Arts 002C5554 Physical
Gymnastics 0028AE29 Physical
Fitness 002CE2DD Physical
Environmental Conditioning 0028AE17 Physical
Energy Weapon Dissipation 002C59E2 Physical
Decontamination 002CE2A0 Physical
Concealment 002C555E Physical
Cellular Regeneration 0028AE14 Physical
Boxing 002C59DF Physical
Xenosociology 002C53B0 Social
Theft 002C555B Social
Ship Command 002C53B3 Social
Scavenging 0028B853 Social
Persuasion 0022EC82 Social
Outpost Management 0023826F Social
Negotiation 002C555F Social
Manipulation 002C5555 Social
Leadership 002C890D Social
Isolation 002C53AE Social
Intimidation 002C59DE Social
Instigation 002C555D Social
Gastronomy 002C5A94 Social
Diplomacy 002C59E1 Social
Deception 002CFCAF Social
Commerce 002C5A8E Social
Armor Penetration 0027DF94 Combat
Ballistics 002CFCAB Combat
Crippling 0027CBBA Combat
Demolitions 002C5556 Combat
Dueling 002CFCB0 Combat
Heavy Weapons Certification 00147E38 Combat
Incapacitation 0027DF96 Combat
Lasers 002C59DD Combat
Marksmanship 002C890B Combat
Particle Beams 0027BAFD Combat
Pistol Certification 002080FF Combat
Rapid Reloading 002C555A Combat
Rifle Certification 002CE2E0 Combat
Sharpshooting 002C53AF Combat
Shotgun Certification 0027DF97 Combat
Sniper Cerrtification 002C53B1 Combat
Targeting 002C59DA Combat
Aneutronic Fusion 002C2C5A Science
Astrodynamics 002C5560 Science
Astrophysics 0027CBBB Science
Botany 002C5557 Science
Chemistry 002CE2C0 Science
Geology 002CE29F Science
Medicine 002CE2DF Science
Outpost Engineering 002C59E0 Science
Planetary Habitation 0027CBC2 Science
Research Methods 002C555C Science
Scanning 002CFCB1 Science
Spacesuit Design 0027CBC3 Science
Special Projects 0004CE2D Science
Surveying 0027CBC1 Science
Weapon Engineering 002C890C Science
Zoology 002C5552 Science
Automated Weapon Systems 0027B9ED Tech
Ballistic Weapon Systems 002CE2C2 Tech
Boost Assault Training 0008C3EE Tech
Boost Pack Training 00146C2C Tech
EM Weapon Systems 002C53B2 Tech
Energy Weapon Systems 002C59DB Tech
Engine Systems 002CE2DE Tech
Missile Weapon Systems 002C5558 Tech
Particle Beam Weapon Systems 002C2C5B Tech
Payloads 00143B6B Tech
Piloting 002CFCAC Tech
Robotics 002C5553 Tech
Security 002CE2E2 Tech
Shield Systems 002C2C59 Tech
Starship Design 002C59DC Tech
Starship Engineering 002AC953 Tech
Targeting Control Systems 002C5559 Tech

Trait IDs

Trait Names Item IDs
Wanted 00227FDD
United Colonies Native 00227FD4
Terra Firma 00227FE1
Taskmaster 00227FE0
Spaced 00227FE2
Serpent’s Embrace 00227FD0
Raised Universal 00227FD1
Raised Enlightened 00227FD2
Neon Street Rat 00227FD3
Kid Stuff 00227FDE
Introvert 00227FD8
Hero Worshipped 00227FD9
Freestar Collective Settler 00227FD5
Extrovert 00227FD7
Empath 00227FD6
Dream Home 00227FDF
Alien DNA 00227FDA
Starfield Item IDs list
Image Source: Steam

Skill Book IDs

Skill Book Names Item IDs
Colonization Guide 01 002009E3
Colonization Guide 02 002009E2
Colonization Guide 03 002009E1
Colonization Guide 04 002009E0
Colonization Guide 05 002009DF
Colonization Guide 06 002009DE
Colonization Guide 07 002009DD
Colonization Guide 08 002009DC
Colonization Guide 09 002009DB
Colonization Guide 10 002009DA
Mining Monthly Issue 01 0020B4B5
Mining Monthly Issue 02 0020B4B4
Mining Monthly Issue 03 0020B4B3
Mining Monthly Issue 04 0020B4B2
Mining Monthly Issue 05 0020B4B1
Mining Monthly Issue 06 0020B4B0
Mining Monthly Issue 07 0020B4AF
Mining Monthly Issue 08 0020B4AE
Mining Monthly Issue 09 0020B4AD
Mining Monthly Issue 10 0020B4AC
Constellation Guide 01 00208E91
Constellation Guide 02 00208E91
Constellation Guide 03 00208E8F
Constellation Guide 04 00208E8E
Constellation Guide 05 00208E8D
GRUNT Issue 01 0021D05A
GRUNT Issue 02 0021B050
GRUNT Issue 03 0021B04F
GRUNT Issue 04 0021B04E
GRUNT Issue 05 0021B04D
GRUNT Issue 06 0021B04C
GRUNT Issue 07 0021B04B
GRUNT Issue 08 0021B04A
GRUNT Issue 09 0021B049
GRUNT Issue 10 0021B048
Gunslinger’s Guide 01 0020BB30
Gunslinger’s Guide 02 0020BB2F
Gunslinger’s Guide 03 0020BB2E
Gunslinger’s Guide 04 0020BB2D
Gunslinger’s Guide 05 0020BB2C
CombaTech Catalog 01 “00212940
CombaTech Catalog 02 0021293E
CombaTech Catalog 03 0021293D
CombaTech Catalog 04 0021293C
CombaTech Catalog 05 0021293B
Freestar Captains Log 01 00201BD7
Freestar Captains Log 02 00201BD6
Freestar Captains Log 03 00201BD5
Freestar Captains Log 04 00201BD4
Freestar Captains Log 05 00201BD3
Peak Performance 01 00202D9E
Peak Performance 02 00202D9D
Peak Performance 03 00202D9C
Peak Performance 04 00202D9B
Peak Performance 05 00202D9A
Nova Galactic Manual 01 002009B6
Nova Galactic Manual 02 002009B5
Nova Galactic Manual 03 002009B4
Nova Galactic Manual 04 002009B3
Nova Galactic Manual 05 002009B2
Nova Galactic Manual 06 002009B1
Nova Galactic Manual 08 002009AF
Nova Galactic Manual 09 002009AE
Nova Galactic Manual 10 002009AD
Neon Nights 01 00200A88
Neon Nights 02 00200A87
Neon Nights 03 00200A86
Neon Nights 04 00200A85
Neon Nights 05 00200A84
Trackers Primer 01 0020909B
Trackers Primer 02 0020909A
Trackers Primer 03 00209099
Trackers Primer 04 00209098
Trackers Primer 05 00209097
UC Defense Manual 01 00209FBA
UC Defense Manual 02 00209FB9
UC Defense Manual 03 00209FB8
UC Defense Manual 04 00209FB7
UC Defense Manual 05 00209FB6
Vanguard Space Tactics 01 002009D8
Vanguard Space Tactics 02 002009D7
Vanguard Space Tactics 03 002009D6
Vanguard Space Tactics 04 002009D5
Vanguard Space Tactics 05 002009D4
The New Atlantian 01 001FF726
The New Atlantian 02 001FF725
The New Atlantian 03 001FF724
The New Atlantian 04 001FF723
The New Atlantian 05 001FF722
Va’ruun Scripture 01 0020A924
Va’ruun Scripture 02 0020A923
Va’ruun Scripture 03 0020A922
Va’ruun Scripture 04 0020A921
Va’ruun Scripture 05 0020A920
Va’ruun Scripture 06 0020A91F
Va’ruun Scripture 07 0020A91E
Va’ruun Scripture 08 0020A91D
Va’ruun Scripture 09 0020A91C
Va’ruun Scripture 10 0020A91B

Unique Weapon IDs

Unique Weapons (Legendary) Item IDs
Ace Sidearm 002E073B
Acid Rain 002E3E85
Amped-Up Orion 001AC6CC
Avatar 001AC6B4
Boom Boom 002E0735
Brawler’s Equinox 000EC310
Brute Force 001AC6E0
Deadeye 001BBF2A
Deadeye 001BBF2A
Desperation 000EC2F1
Elegance 002E0725
Ember 002F99FF
Feather 002E82A0
Fiscal Quarter 000019F5
Fortune’s Glory 00327627
Fury 002E0729
Gallow’s Reach 00327615
Haphazard Handgun 00259DCD
Head Ranger 002FAD3F
Hunterwulf 002E3E83
Justifier 001BAA3C
Justifier 001BAA3C
Marathon 002E82A2
Marksman’s A-99 002F99FE
Mind Tear 002AC049
N67 Smartgun 001AC6BB
Pirate Legend 002FAC64
Poisonstorm 001AC6B8
Power Beat 0022A8E1
Radburn 00207711
Rapidshot 00162CFA
Reckless Bombardment 002E0727
Reflection 0022A90D
Revenant 00070D40
Riot Shotgun 00162CF8
Shattered Shock 000EC2F9
Short Circuit 002E7C9C
Sir Livingstone’s Pistol 001F27F5
Speechless Fire 002E0731
Street Sweeper 002F3B1A
Terror Inflictor 0022A90C
The Buzzcut 0020772C
The Cursed 001AC6E7
The First Shot 002E1929
The Last Breath 0022A8E2
The Spacer 001AC6C0
The Zapper 002D7913
Trickshot 001AC6B1
Unmitigated Violence 0011381D
Vampire’s Gft 002FAC66
Vampire’s Sidearm 00207739
Wakizashi 0026D8A1

Weapon IDs

Weapon Names Item IDs
Maelstrom 002984DF
Mag Shear 0002EB3C
MagPulse 00023606
MagShot 0002EB42
MagSniper 0002EB45
MagStorm 0026035E
Microgun 000546CD
Big Bang 0026D963
Breach 000547A3
Bridger 0026D96A
Coachman 0026D96B
Cutter 00016758
Drum Beat 0018DE2C
AA-99 002BF65B
Arc Welder 0026D965
AutoRivet 0026D964
Beowulf 0004716C
Novablast Disputor 0026D968
Novalight 0026D967
Pacifier 002953F8
Rattler 00040826
Razorback 00000FD6
Regulator 0002CB5F
Rescue Axe 0004F760
Shotty 0026D960
Sidestar 0026D95D
Solstice 0026D961
Tombstone 0002EB36
Urban Eagle 0026D96D
Va’Ruun Inflictor 0026D8A0
VaRuun Painblade 0026D8A2
Va’Ruun Starshard 0026D8A4
Discarded Sidestar 002F413A
Ecliptic Pistol 0026D96E
Eon 000476C4
Equinox 0001BC4F
Frag Grenade 000115EF
Grendel 00028A02
Hard Target 00546CC
Kodama 00253A16
Kraken 0021FEB4
Lawgiver 0002D7F4
Old Earth Assault Rifle 0026ED2A
Old Earth Hunting Rifle 0021BBCD
Old Earth Shotgun 00278F74
Orion 002773C8
Osmium Dagger 0026D966
XM-2311 0024561C

Ship Item IDs in Starfield

Ship Names Item IDs
Asphalt CB 003A2E59
Asphalt CB II 003A2E57
Asphalt CB III 003A2E55
Autobahn 0038D65C
Autobahn II 0038D65A
Autobahn III 0038D658
Babylon 003A2DFF
Babylon II 003A2DFD
Big Rig 003E60E3
Big Rig II 003E60E5
Blackhawk 0002C24B
Blackhawk II 0002C24F
Blackhawk III 0002C251
Caravan 003A2E29
Caravan II 003A2E27
Caravan III 003A2E25
Carry ALL 003A2E53
Carry ALL II 003A2E51
Carry ALL III 003A2E4F
Civshuttle 0038D656
Civshuttle II 0038D654
Civshuttle III 0038D652
Conqueror 0002C2C2
Conqueror II 0002C2CA
Conqueror III 0002C302
Crossbow 003A2E17
Crossbow I 003A2E15
Crossbow III 003A2E13
Discovery 002E7461
Dolphin 000B196D
Dolphin II 0002C3C2
Dragonfire 003A2E11
Dragonfire II 003A2E0F
Dullahan 003A2E0B
Dullahan II 003A2E09
Dullahan III 003A2E07
Econohaul 000D5578
Econohaul II 003E60E9
Endeavor 001BE87D
Endeavor II 001BE87F
Endeavor III 001BE881
Falcon 000B196B
Falcon II 0002C6D2
Falcon III 0002C711
Freestar Narcissus 0004237B
Frontier FF00EB29
Galileo FF0047B5
Galileo II 002EF772
Galileo III 0004239D
Generic Citizen F02 0004239F
Generic Citizen F03 000CA4F7
Generic Citizen F05 000CA4F9
Generic Citizen F10 002EB24D
Generic Citizen FEven Toned Template 002EB24F
Generic Citizen FRough 000CA4F3
Generic Citizen M01 000CA4F5
Generic Citizen M06 000CA4FF
Generic Citizen M07 000CA501
Generic Citizen M08 002EB251
Generic Citizen MEven Toned 002EB253
Generic Citizen MRough 000CA4FB
Hammerhead 000CA4FD
Hammerhead II 000B1969
Helix 0002C723
Helix I 001DE40C
Helix I 000F50C0
Helix II 000F509F
Highlander 000F50A0
Highlander II 003A2DF9
Highlander III 003A2DF7
Homesteader FEvenToned Template 003A2DF5
Homesteader M06 00027A80
Homesteader M08 00027A7A
Kfir 00027A79
Kfir II 000D059D
Kfir III 00042391
Kfir IV 00042393
Lil Muv 00042395
Lil Muv II 000D2D30
Mako 003E60DF
Mako II 002EF76E
Mako III 000423A7
Mustang 000423A9
Mustang II 002EF774
Mustang III 00042397
Naginata 00042399
Naginata II 003A2E41
Naginata III 003A2E3F
Narcissus 000D059B
Narcissus (Stroud) 0004237D
Narcissus II 000423A1
Narcissus II (Stroud) 000B1986
Narwhal 001E6219
Nimitz 0003CFAE
Nimitz II 0003CFAC
Nimitz III 000D05A3
PCH 0002C247
PCH II 0002C215
Pelican 0002C216
Pelican II 000D05A6
Pik Up 003E60E1
Pik Up II 0004238F
Pik Up III 000D0597
Privateer 000B197B
Privateer II 0002C33A
Privateer III 003A2E3B
Pterosaur 003A2E39
Pterosaur II 003A2E37
Pterosaur III 00042372
Rambler 00042374
Rambler II 000D1861
Ranger 0002C253
Ranger II 0002C263
Ranger III 003A2E79
Raptor III 003A2DF3
Razorleaf 0002CC6C
Renegade 0038D666
Renegade II 0038D664
Renegade III 003A2E6B
Responder 003A2E69
Responder II 000D0593
Roanoke 0002C3A8
Roanoke II 0002C3AC
Roanoke III 001DE40A
Scorpius 000F6DD6
Scorpius II 000FEC32
Scorpius III 000FEC33
Scorpius IV 001B21C3
Settler Carry-All III 001B21BD
Settler Econohaul 001B21BF
Settler Econohaul II 001B21C1
Settler Lil Muv II 001B21B9
Settler MULE 001B21BB
Settler MULE III 001B21C7
Settler Pelican II 001B21C8
Settler Slipstream 001B21C5
Settler Space OX 001B21CA
Settler Venture II 003A2E23
Slipstream 003A2E21
Slipstream II 003A2E4D
Space OX 003A2E4B
Space OX II 003A2E49
Space OX III 00322C19
Spacer Coyote 0033CA57
Spacer Coyote II 0033CA59
Spacer Coyote III 000B1984
Spacer F01 template 000B1983
Spacer F02 000B1982
Spacer F03 00322C1F
Spacer Hyena 0033CA63
Spacer Hyena II 0033CA65
Spacer Hyena III 0033CA65
Spacer Hyena III 00322C1B
Spacer Jackal 0033CA5B
Spacer Jackal II 000B1980
Spacer M01 000B197F
Spacer M02 000B197E
Spacer M03 000B197D
Spacer M04 00322C13
Spacer Raccoon 0033CA4B
Spacer Raccoon II 0033CA4D
Spacer Raccoon III 00322C15
Spacer Raven 0033CA4F
Spacer Raven II 0033CA51
Spacer Raven III 00322C17
Spacer Scarab 0033CA53
SSNN Sunsail 00315875
SSNN Sunsail II 00099ED4
Star Eagle 001322D8
Star Parcel F01 template 00099ED2
Star Parcel F02 0003CFAA
Star Parcel Kirov IV 00099EDO
Star Parcel M01 00099ECF
Star Parcel M02 00315877
Star Parcel Pikup 0031587B
Star Parcel Pikup II 0031587D
Star Parcel Pikup III 0002C269
Star Parcel Spacetruk 0002C26B
Star Parcel Spacetruk II 0002C2C0
Star Parcel Spacetruk III 0003CFA8
Star Parcel Star Semi 0003CFB2
Star Semi 0003732A
Starborn Guardian 0003734A
Starborn Guardian 00180F18
Starborn Guardian II 00037360
Starborn Guardian III 00363CA5
Starborn Guardian IV 00363CA7
Starborn Guardian V 00363CA9
Starborn Guardian VI 003A2E35
Starhawk 003A2E33
Starhawk II 003A2E2F
Starhawk III 003A2E03
Stormrider II 003A2E01
Stormrider III 003A2E1D
Sunsail 003A2E1B
Sunsail II 003A2E77
Thresher 003A2E75
Thresher II 003A2E5F
Transpo 003A2E5D
Transpo II 003A2E5B
Transpo III 002EF770
Trebuchet 000423A3
Trebuchet II 000423A5
Trebuchet III FF00AAF0
UC Narcissus 003A2E3D
UC Prison Shuttle 001E29E5
Va’ruun Dirge 00323450
Va’ruun Dirge II 003157BC
Va’ruun Dirge III 003157C1
Va’ruun Eulogy 00323454
Va’ruun Eulogy II 003157FC
Va’ruun Eulogy III 00315805
Va’ruun F01 template 000B19CB
Va’ruun F02 0003B2A3
Va’ruun Hymn 00323452
Va’ruun Hymn II 003157CD
Va’ruun Hymn III 003157ED
Va’ruun M01 000B19CD
Va’ruun M02 0003B2A5
Va’ruun Prophecy 0032345A
Va’ruun Prophecy II 00315842
Va’ruun Prophecy III 00315852
Va’ruun Revelation 0032345C
Va’ruun Revelation II 00315854
Va’ruun Vigil 00323458
Va’ruun Vigil II 00315817
Va’ruun Vigil III 0031581C
Venture 000D0595
Venture II 0002C3BD
Venture III 0002C3BF
Vindicator 003A2E05
Vindicator 000D5575
Vindicator II 0003CFA4
Vindicator III 0003CFA2
Vista 0038D650
Vista II 0038D64E
Vista III 0038D64C
Voyager 0038D662
Voyager II 0038D660
Voyager III 0038D65E
Wagontrain 003A2E47
Wagontrain II 003A2E45
Wagontrain III 003A2E43
Wanderwell 00038B42
Warhammer 003A2E2F
Warhammer II 003A2E2D
Warhammer III 003A2E2B
Watchdog 000D1864
Watchdog II 000B198A
Watchdog IV 00281F69
Wendigo 003A2E71
Wendigo II 003A2E6F
Zumwalt 0014A219
Zumwalt II 0014A21B
Zumwalt III 0014A21D
Starfield Item IDs list
Image Source: Steam

Ammo IDs

Ammo Names Item IDs
.27 Caliber 002B559C
.43 MI Array 002B559A
.45 ACP ammo 002B5598
.50 Caliber Caseless 002B5597
.50 MI Array 002B5596
1.5kV LZR Cartridge 002BAE3F
11MM Caseless 002B5595
12.5MM ST Rivet 002B5594
12G Shotgun Shell 000547A1
15X25 CLL Shotgun Shell 002B4AFB
3kV LZR Cartridge 0000E8EC
40MM XPL 002B5592
43 Ultramag 002B5599
6.5MM CT 002B5590
6.5MM MI Array 002B558F
7.5MM Whitehot 002B558E
7.62x39MM 002B558D
7.77MM Caseless 0004AD3E
9x39MM 002B559B
Caseless Shotgun Shell 002B4AFB
Heavy Particle Fuse 002B558B
Light Particle Fuse 002783C7

Armor IDs

Armor Names Item IDs
Incendiary Experimental Nishina Spacesuit 00065925
Armor-Plated UC AntiXeno Pack 0010A25D
Bounty Hunter Seek 001C0F34
Bounty Hunter Space Helmet 001C0F32
Bounty Hunter Spacesuit 00228570
Bounty Hunter Stalk 001C0F35
Bounty Hunter Track 001C0F33
Constellation Spacesuit 001E2B18
Deep Mining Spacesuit 0005278E
Deep Recon Spacesuit 002265AE
Deepcore Spacesuit 0006AC00
Deepseeker Spacesuit 0016D2C4
Deimos Spacesuit 00026BF1
Ecliptic Spacesuit 0022856F
Explorer Spacesuit 002265AF
Gran-Gran’s Space Helmet 001F22BC
Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit 001F22BB
Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit 001F22BC
Ground Crew Spacesuit 002392B5
Incendiary Experimental Nishina Spacesuit 0065925
Incendiary UC AntiXeno Space Helmet 0010A25E
Mantis Spacesuit 00226299
Mark 1 Pack 0001754E
Mark I Space Helmet 0001754F
Mark I Spacesuit 0001754D
Mercury Spacesuit 001D0F96
Monster Costume 00225FC9
Monster Costume 00225FC9
Navigator Spacesuit 00067C94
Old Earth Spacesuit 0003084E
Operative Helmet 0016E0C3
Peacemaker Space Helmet 0013F97B
Peacemaker Spacesuit 0013F97D
Peacemaker Spacesuit 0013F97D
Pirate Assault Spacesuit 00066821
Pirate Charger Spacesuit 00066826
Pirate Corsair Spacesuit 00066828
Pirate Sniper Spacesuit 0006682A
Ranger Spacesuit 00227CA0
Reactive Experimental Nishina Helmet 0065926
Repulsing Explorer Spacesuit 0022B8F6
Repulsing Explorer Spacesuit 0022B8F6
Sentinel’s UC Antixeno Spacesuit 0007B2B9
Sentinel’s UC Antixeno Spacesuit 0007B2B9
Shocktroop Spacesuit 002265AD
Space Trucker Spacesuit 0021C780
Star Roamer Spacesuit 00004E78
Starborn Spacesuit Astra 0012E187
Starborn Spacesuit Avitus 001CBA52
Starborn Spacesuit Bellum 001CBA4E
Starborn Spacesuit Gravitas 0021C77E
Starborn Spacesuit Locus 001CBA4A
Starborn Spacesuit Materia 001CBA49
Starborn Spacesuit Solis 002D7365
Starborn Spacesuit Tempus 002D7346
Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris 001CBA4D
Starborn Spacesuit Venator 0021C77F
SysDef Ace Spacesuit 002AAF44
SysDef Armored Space Helmet 00398107
SysDef Assault Spacesuit 00398104
SysDef Combat Spacesuit 0039810A
SysDef Sec Recon Spacesuit 00398108
SysDef Spacesuit 00398103
Trackers Alliance Spacesuit 00166404
UC Ace Spacesuit 00166410
UC AntiXeno Spacesuit 00206130
UC Armored Space Helmet 0025780B
UC Combat Spacesuit 00257808
UC Marine Spacesuit 00257805
UC Navy Armored Fatigues 002C6E7D
UC Navy Duty Fatigues 003E3ACF
UC Navy Fatigues 002C6E7F
UC Navy Hat 002C6E7E
UC Navy Recon Fatigues 003E3AD1
UC Sec Combat Spacesuit 000EF9B0
UC Sec Recon Spacesuit 000EF9AF
UC Sec Spaceriot Helmet 000EF9B2
UC Sec Starlaw Spacesuit 000EF9AE
UC Security Spacesuit 000EF9AD
UC Shock Power Pack 0021A86C
UC Startroop Spacesuit 00257809
UC Urbanwar Spacesuit 0021A86A
UC Vanguard Space Helmet 00248C0E
UC Vanguard Spacesuit 00248C0F
UC Wardog Spacesuit 0025780A
Utility Flightsuit 00251F56
Va’Ruun Spacesuit 00227CA3

Thanks to the Reddit user, Visible_Meal9200, for providing the above info. We will be adding more categories and updating this list as mentioned earlier, so stay tuned.

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