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Starfield: Best Ships Ranked & How To Get Them

Looking for the best ships in Starfield? Here's our ultimate list ranking the best ships from best to worst.

Starfield features a plethora of starships with incredible speed and big guns to capture enemy starships. It is essential to have a great ship to explore or combat with other enemies. Throughout your space adventure, you can buy, steal, or customize your starships for various upgrades. With a plethora of features such as grav-jumping or storage, players are bound to get confused in finding a perfect ship. So, check out our guide to find out the best ships in Starfield ranked from best to worst.

What is the Best Ship in Starfield?

The Narwhal is the best ship in Starfield according to us due to many integral factors. Aside from its cool looks, it features 114 Ballistics, 82 Misilles, and up to 995 Shield. This makes this starship overpowered when you are offensive as well as defensive.

So, here’s the price and the list of stats for Narwhal:

  • Cost: 424,000 Credits
  • How to Get: Can be bought from the Ryujin building in Neon City from Taiyo Astroengineering.
  • Ship Class: C
  • Hull: 2118
  • Ballistics: 114
  • Missiles: 82
  • Shield: 995
  • Lasers: 24
  • Fuel: 560
  • Grav Jump Range: 30
  • Default Cargo Capacity: 1760
  • Max Crew: 7

Best Starfield Ships Ranked

Furthermore, there are also many ships you can consider buying aside from Narwhal. They are as follows:

  • Razor Leaf
  • Abyss Trekker
  • Starborn Guardian

So, let’s delve into these above ships in more detail:

Razor Leaf

  • Cost: Free
  • How to Get: Complete the Mantis side-quest.
  • Ship Class: A
  • Hull: 469
  • Reactor: 18
  • Missiles: 36
  • Particle Weapons: 16
  • Lasers: 6
  • Shield: 390
  • Fuel: 140
  • Grav Jump Range: 16
  • Default Cargo Capacity: 420
  • Max Crew: 2

The Razor Leaf is the best early ship to acquire in Starfield. It simply requires completing the Mantis side-quest and can be pretty great for combat. But the only drawback is the lack of cargo capacity.

best starfield ship
Image Source: TagBackTV on YouTube.

Abyss Trekker

  • Cost: 365,525 Credits
  • How to Get: Can be bought from the Ship Technician in Paradiso planet in the Porrima system.
  • Ship Class: C
  • Hull: 1031
  • Missiles: 96
  • Ballistics: 162
  • Shield: 850
  • Particle Cannons: 38
  • Fuel: 950
  • Grav Jump Range: 25
  • Default Cargo Capacity: 340
  • Max Crew: 6

Being the overall balanced ship, the Abyss Trekker is the best for combat and space exploration. This ship features a decent grav jump of 25 light years with 950 Fuel which can be great for traveling throughout various systems.

Starborn Guardian

  • Cost: Free.
  • How to Get: Complete the first playthrough and start the New Game Plus.
  • Ship Class: A
  • Hull: 944
  • Solar Flare Beam: 30
  • Gravity Torpedo: 100
  • Shield: 1480
  • Fuel: 1500
  • Grav Jump Range: 30
  • Default Cargo Capacity: 950
  • Max Crew: 5

You will be rewarded the Starborn Guardian for completing the first playthrough and starting the NG+ in Starfield. With a sustainable 944 hull and 1480 Shield, this starship is quite powerful in combat. You can get upgraded versions of this ship for completing the NG+ modes.

Ultimately, there is no correct answer for the best starship as it all depends on your playthrough and experience. We recommend checking out more Starfield ships and experimenting on them. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

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