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Starfield: How To Hide Contraband Items

Scared of getting caught with illegal items? Check out our guide on how to hide and sell Contraband items in Starfield.

Contraband is one of the unique types of items in Starfield that can’t be sold at all the vendors. On top of that, you can land up in jail if you got scanned before entering any patrolled planets. To avoid such felonies, you must get past scanners without getting detected. This requires altering your ship by installing rare ship parts.

Don’t worry, check out our guide on how to hide Contraband in Starfield. In our guide, we have mentioned the best ways to smuggle contraband items into your ship. So, here’s everything you need to know about hiding them.

Best Ways to Hide Contraband in Starfield

You can hide the Contraband by installing and upgrading your ship with the Shielded Cargo. This allows your ship a chance to get past the Scanner without being detected. But the only downside is that only a limited number of vendors sell the rare ship parts. Further adding, a shield cargo doesn’t necessarily mean you can smuggle contraband items undetected. We highly recommend buying a Scan Jammer and ranking up the Deception skill.

That said, you must put and hide all of your bought Contraband items inside the shielded cargos. While it doesn’t guarantee being undetected, it can decrease your chances of getting caught. But as for how to get these rare ship parts in Starfield, try out the following options:

Purchasing the Shielded Cargo

There are many ways to buy Shielded Cargo and Scan Jammers from rare parts vendors or dealers. For that, you can head to the Red Mile on the planet Porimma III (Porimma star system).

  • Once you reach there, talk to Lon Anderssen and go to the Ship Builder option.
  • Talk to Lon and select the Add button.
  • Then, select the Cargo tab and navigate to the preferred Shielded Cargo.
  • Lastly, press the Accept button to confirm your order.
How to Hide Contraband in Starfield
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Capturing an Enemy Ship

You can board and capture enemy ships to acquire one with a Shielded Cargo directly. For that, you need to board the enemy ships using the Targeting Systems skill.

  • Once you have boarded and defeated all the enemies, you can commandeer the ship easily.
  • At that point, head to the Ship Overview and check if the captured ship has shielded cargo. You can check the total cargo capacity gauge of that ship to do so.
  • Don’t forget to put your Contraband items in the cargo to go unnoticed by the authorities.

Buying a Ship

Ultimately, you can buy a ship with the Shielded Cargo already installed to hide contraband items in Starfield. You can buy the Trader Railstar which costs 72,000 Credits. This ship has a shielded capacity of 160 with a cargo capacity of 1200. But you can also upgrade the ship by upgrading it with rarer ship parts like Scan Jammers.

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