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Resident Evil Village: Bosses, Locations & More Details Leaked By Insider

A few hours after the Showcase of Resident Evil Village, some major leaks regarding the bosses and locations have emerged on the net of this eighth chapter of the saga of Capcom.

The well-known insider Dusk Golem has in fact reported on his Twitter profile some big advances about the game: we recommend that you continue reading only if you have no problem in anticipating the details of the title, as there will be spoilers.

Please be warned that major spoilers of Resident Evil Village have been leaked below, so read the following at your own discretion, SPOILER ALERTS BELOW:

I’m fascinated by Moreau & his role. I’ve known several bits & pieces, but I know the least about him out of any of Village’s enemies, but what I do know fascinates me.

I know a decent amount about his area, but not a lot about him himself. I know his area plays a LOT like End of Zoe, you go through snowy forests & swamps, wade through water. There’s Siren/Mermaid type enemies who can shriek to attack you, & when you’re in water come for you, but there’s items & such in the water you can try & collect, PLUS in his whole area, there’s this giant Tyrant-esque monster that stalks you, but it’s got this bloating up poison bag that spews acid.

Then other weird things, his area is VERY culty, enemies doing rituals in the forests, he has one of the biggest boss arenas in the entire series in this huge open area near the windmills that’s like Krauser’s arena, from RE4, but bigger, & then of course there’s the boat section & lake monster. I’m weirdly fascinated by his area, I’ve kept my lips sealed on it for months, but I am really interested in the really weird, cult, slimy vibes this whole area has going for it.

Dusk Golem, therefore, seems to have leaked many new details of Resident Evil Village. It looks like Ethan will face mermaids, poisonous sea monsters, and the biggest boss in the entire saga.

Not only that, Village will take us to environments rich in esotericism, in some ways very similar to those of the seventh chapter. So we just have to wait just a few weeks before we can experience Capcom’s new survival horror in person.

In the coming days, the second demo of RE Village will be available for download. On the other hand, the title will run at 4K/60 fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X, 900p/45 fps on PS4.