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How To Play Palworld Multiplayer With Friends

Wondering how does the Palworld multiplayer works? Here's everything to know about playing multiplayer with your friends.

From being called a Pokemon rip-off to breaking multiple records on Steam, Palworld is the most popular game right now. While there is much to explore solo, it’s more fun and easier when played with friends. But due to the lack of crossplay and cross-progression, players with Steam and Xbox Game Pass won’t be able to play with one another. With some key differences, you can play Palworld multiplayer with friends either using Steam or Xbox Game Pass.

But which version is a better version to choose between both? So, check out our guide that explains how the multiplayer works for this game and how to play with friends. Here’s everything you need to know.

How Does Palworld Multiplayer Work?

Follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, select the “Create a new world” option. As you decide the server’s name, it will prompt the server customization box.
  • Press or toggle the Multiplayer option from the server customization window to turn it on.
  • Start the game and press the Esc button to get started with
  • Pause the game and click the Eye button beside the Invite Code to reveal the text.
  • Press the Esc button and wait for your friends to join the multiplayer.
  • If your friends don’t know, head to the Main Menu and click on “Join Multiplayer Game“.
  • Then, paste the above Invite Code into the input text box.

You may encounter some server-related technical issues during server outages or maintenance. In such times, there is nothing you can do except wait until PocketPair resolves it. Until then, check out our guide to find out the best beginner’s tips for building and design.

palworld play multiplayer with friends
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What Palworld Version to Choose?

When choosing between the Steam and Xbox Game Pass versions, you must decide the number of your friends and lobby in multiplayer. You can go for the Steam version if the total number of your friends and you are more than five players. This version will allow you to host a dedicated host server with up to 32 players. On the other hand, you can choose the Xbox Game Pass version if the total number of players is less than five.

It’s worth noting that the Steam version receives the latest patches faster than the Game Pass. But if you already own the Xbox Game Pass or PC Pass, the latter is a better option. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

That’s everything covered about how to play Palworld multiplayer with friends. If you found this guide helpful, explore more Palworld Guides and Gaming-related content in our dedicated section right here on TechnClub.