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Beginner’s Tips For Palworld Base Building And Design

Here are the best beginner's tips for base building and design in Palworld.

Considering the soaring player base of Palworld, the game has sold over 5 million copies in three days making it the third most-played Steam game. While the “Pokemon with guns” game features a plethora of gameplay mechanics, it’s crucial to choose a perfect spot for your base. That said, some important beginner’s tips for base building and design in Palworld can help you in the long run.

Don’t worry, we have compiled some tips and strategies for a suitable base for your Pals. So, here’s everything you need to know.

Best Beginner’s Tips for Base Building and Design in Palworld

palworld beginners tips for base building design
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Suitable Base Location

Rather than choosing any location for your first base, scavenge and find a worthy location for your base. For that, you need to find a location around the open world that is close to the required resources or materials. These include rare Ores like Coal, wood, stone, and more resources that are easily accessible. We recommend setting up your base with large mining rocks and trees.

Choose the Right Pals

Since some of the Pals can help you farm resources, choosing the right pals for your base is equally crucial. Once you build a base, you must assign the required skills to Pals for automatically farming resources. But before you do so, ensure that your Pals can help you build and design a base in Palworld.

For example, Pengullet’s skill allows players for watering, cooling, and transportation. On top of that, they can also deal plenty of damage in battles. Another example includes Cattiva which doubles the carrying capacity of their partner. Using this skill, you can farm and carry more resources.

Monitor your Pals’ Sanity

Once your base is filled with Pals, you must monitor their sanity to avoid any disruptions at your base. As they toll and work for your base, their sanity levels can drop eventually if not monitored. When that happens, these Pals will refuse to work on the base. So, here are the following ways to increase and manage the sanity levels of your Pals:

  • Build Hot Springs
  • Use the Palboxes to make them Rest
  • Build enough Pal Beds
  • Feed them Higher-tier Food

However, if the sanity of one of them is constantly dropping, you can switch them out. This will prevent any disruptions caused by them and lower their chances of getting injured.

That’s all covered about the best beginner’s tips for base building and design in Palworld. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out how to get Ancient Technology Points, and explore more Palworld Guides in our dedicated section right here on Technclub.