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How To Get Ancient Technology Points In Palworld

Check out our guide in how to earn and get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld.

Although currently in Early Access, Palworld has a plethora of gameplay mechanics and cutesy Pals to keep you occupied for endless hours. Considering this game also features crafting, players must earn Ancient Technology Points in Palworld. Unlike the common Technology Points, you require these points to craft advanced resources. These include a Grappling Gun, Egg incubator, and more quality-of-life items that can be crafted using the Ancient Technology Points. If you’re unable to obtain a single point, don’t worry as our guide has got you covered.

In our guide, you can find out the best ways to get more Ancient Technology Points. So, here’s everything you need to know.

How to Earn Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

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You can get the Ancient Technology Points by defeating the bosses across the open world for the first time. Although some bosses can respawn, you can earn the Ancient Technology points only by taking them out for the first time. As you progress, you will encounter three types of bosses and they are as follows:

  • Alpha Pals
  • Dungeon Bosses
  • Syndicate Tower Bosses

So, let’s dive into all of these bosses in more detail:

Alpha Pals

Similar to the evolved Pokemon, Alpha Pals are the tougher variants of the cutesy and normal Pals. As soon as you spot them, you can find them marked on the map with a red icon. You can also see their names next to this red icon. When defeated for the first time, Alpha Pals can reward you with a single Ancient Technology Point in Palworld.

Dungeon Bosses

While clearing different dungeons in Palworld till the end drops experience points and rewards, it also pits you against bosses. Like the Alpha Pals, you must beat the particular dungeon to face and defeat them. But once defeated, these dungeon bosses also drop 1 Ancient Technology point. Since you won’t spot a dungeon on the map, you can explore to find their entrances similar to cave entrances. Luckily, these dungeons keep on rotating within a set time. If you want to earn points, we recommend not wasting any time defeating the same dungeon boss.

Syndicate Tower Bosses

Unlike other bosses, Syndicate Tower bosses drop 5 Ancient Technology points when you beat them for the first time. You can find these bosses protecting the glowing Syndicate Towers that are scattered across the open world. While these bosses help you earn the most points, they are comparatively the most challenging to defeat. However, equipping the best gear, weapons, and armor can help you get an edge over defeating these bosses.

Considering the bosses drop Ancient Technology points only once, there is no way to farm them. The more you explore and defeat these bosses, the more points you can get. But ensure that you are well-equipped before facing them.

That’s everything covered about how to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld. If you liked this guide, check out our guides to find out how to find and get Coal, whether is it crossplay or cross-platform, and explore more Palworld Guides in our dedicated section right here on Technclub.