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Is Palworld Crossplay Or Cross-Platform? Co-op Explained

Here's where you can find out if there is Crossplay or cross-platform in Palworld.

With striking and uncanny resemblances, Palworld has been dubbed Pokemon with Guns. Being an online multiplayer game, many players are wondering if the game allows crossplay or cross-progression. Considering it’s an online coop game, it is common to have these features under your sleeves. These features allow you to play between any platform, nevertheless your friend’s platform. Speaking of cross-progression, it allows you to save the game regardless of your platform. But does Palworld support crossplay or cross-platform multiplayer to play with your friends? Don’t worry, here’s where you can find out the full truth about it.

Is Palworld Multiplayer Cross-Platform or Crossplay?

Unfortunately, Palworld neither supports cross-platform nor crossplay to play with friends at launch. The developers at Pocketpair confirmed there won’t be any crossplay between Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam. The devs intend to introduce this feature for multiplayer later on as stated in their Discord FAQ. Luckily, the Xbox players can crossplay with their friends on PC or console using Game Pass.

The silver lining here is that the game is currently in Early Access. So, we simply need to be patient before the developers add crossplay or cross-platform multiplayer into Palworld. When that happens, we will make sure to update this guide.

Is Palworld crossplay or cross-platform
Image Source – Steam

Does Palworld Support Cross-progression?

No, the game doesn’t support Cross-progression, and its saves are tied to the platforms as of now. Sadly, you cannot access the cross-saves across the platforms. That said, the developers clarified they would be working on it in the future. You can expect cross-progression added in future updates by the devs.

But until that happens, we recommend choosing the same platform to save your progress. You can lose your progress if you log in with the same account on a different platform.

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