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How To Get All Legendary Schematics In Palworld

Here's our location guide on how to get all the Legendary Schematics in Palworld to upgrade your weapons and armor.

Palworld boasts many strongest Pals for combat, exploration, or catching new Pals. As you progress, these Pals alone won’t help you survive the various battles. While new weapons and gear may help, upgrading can be an easier option. But for that, you need to get the Legendary Schematics in Palworld. Your upgraded gear can help you win battles against Alpha Bosses and the various Tower bosses.

Don’t worry, check out our guide on how to get every Legendary Weapon and Armor schematics in this game. In our guide, find out the exact coordinates and locations of these schematics. So, here’s everything you need to know.

How to Get All Palworld Legendary Schematics

How to Get All Legendary Schematics in Palworld
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You can get the Legendary Schematics as a drop from certain Alpha-bosses. While you can also find them inside random chests, getting them from Alpha bosses has better chances. But that said, it’s not guaranteed drop from either method. Considering their rarity, you may need to farm the battles multiple times to get a Legendary drop from the bosses.

In total, there are 17 Legendary Schematics in Palworld so far. These include six weapon schematics and eleven armor schematics. So, here’s the list of all the Legendary Schematics with their exact locations:

Legendary Schematic Names Alpha-Pal to Defeat Locations (exact co-ordinates) Type
Old Bow Kingpaca (51, -462) Armor
Rocket Launcher Jetragon (-788, -321) Weapon
Refined Metal Helmet Menasting Desiccated Mineshaft (491, 79) Armor
Pump-action Shotgun Suzaku “(401,252) Weapon
Pelt armor Azurobe (-51, -386) Armor
Pal Metal Helmet Frostallion (-356, 508) Armor
Metal Helmet Warsect Sealed Realm of the Stalwart (160, -223) Armor
Metal armor Elizabee Devout’s Mineshaft (31, -184) Armor
Heat-resistant Refined Metal armor Astegon Destroyed Mineshaft (-577, -417) Armor
Heat resistant Pal Metal armor Necromus (446, 678) Armor
Handgun Beakon (-343, -251) Weapon
Feathered hair band Penking Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings (112, -350) Armor
Crossbow Bushi Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster (-115, -492) Weapon
Cold-resistant refined Metal armor Lyleen Noct Iceberg Mineshaft (-141, 321) Armor
Cold-resistant Pal Metal armor Paladius (446, 678) Armor
Cloth outfit Chillet (171, -416) Armor
Assault Rifle Blazamut (-433, -531) Weapon

Since Palworld is currently in Early Access, the developers might add more schematics in the future. When or if that happens, we will make sure to update this guide with more info.

That’s everything covered about how to get all the Legendary Schematics in Palworld. If you liked and found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out all the bosses in order and their locations, how to find and use Huge Dragon Egg, and explore more Palworld Guides right here on Technclub.