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Palworld Bosses Order: All Locations And How To Beat Them

Here's the best order to defeat the Palworld Bosses in order with their locations, HP, and some tips and strategies.

Despite being called a Pokemon rip-off by the community, Palworld is unarguably one of the biggest indie games of this year. Featuring a long list of unique Pals, you need to capture or defeat them in battles. If you want to survive other Pals in-game, you must know all Palworld bosses in order to defeat them all. As you progress, you will mainly find five Tower bosses along the gameplay.

Don’t worry, check out our guide to find out the correct boss order. In our guide, we have also included their locations with coordinates, max HP, and some tips to defeat these bosses. So, here’s everything you need to know.

Best Order to Beat the Palworld Bosses

Here’s the best order for beating the Tower bosses:

  • Zoe & Grizzbolt
  • Lily & Lyleen
  • Axel & Orserk
  • Marcus & Faleris
  • Victor & Shadowbeak

So, let’s dive into all the above Palworld Tower bosses in more detail:

Xoe & Grizzbolt

  • HP: 30,550
  • Location: Rayne Syndicate Tower (111, -430)

These are the first bosses you will face during the last phase of the tutorial in the early game. As Grizzbolt can be aggro to face against, we recommend dodging or using a shield for defense. That said, Grizzbolt is an Electric-type Pal, so using Ground-type Pals will deal more damage to it in the battle. You can use Gummos, Fuddler, or any Ground Pals to win the battle.

palworld bosses order
Image Source – Steam

Lily & Lyleen

  • HP: 69,375
  • Location: Free Pal Alliance Tower (181, 31)

Lyleen is a Grass-type Pal accompanied by its trainer, Lily, at the Free Pal Alliance tower in Palworld. You can find this tower located in the Frostbound Mountains area. While fighting against Lyleen, you can use any Fire-type attacks to win the battle. Being a Grass-type Pal, this Pal is vulnerable against all the Fire Pals. We recommend using a Fire-type mount to evade its attacks and gain an advantage against Lyleen.

Axel & Orserk

  • HP: 130,700
  • Location: Tower of The Brothers of the Eternal Pyre (-590, -520)

Considering Orserk is an Electric/Dragon type Pal, you can use Ground or Ice type Pals to deal more damage against it. Since this Tower boss is located in a volcanic biome, we recommend equipping the heat-resistant armor and gear. Although you can gain an advantage by dodging or parrying, make sure to stack up plenty of healing items.

Marcus & Faleris

  • HP: 146,975
  • Location: Tower of the PIDF (562, 335)

Faleris is a Fire-type Pal, so you must use Water-type Pals and heat-resistant armor to save yourself from extremely hot conditions. During the battle, Marcus and Faleris keep on attacking you from above. Since this Pal can also fly, it can shoot many ranged and AoE attacks at you. In that case, make sure that the Water-type Pal fighting against Faleris is a mount or can fly.

palworld boss order
Image Source – Steam

Victor & Shadowbeak

  • HP: 200,750
  • Location: Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Unit (560, 340)

Defeating Victor and Shadowbeak can be a bit of a hassle but it’s not impossible. While Shadowbeak is one of the strongest Pals, it is weak against Dragon-type Pals. The tower location where you can find Shadowbeak is extremely cold. So, make sure to equip yourself the cold-resistant armor and gear

That’s everything covered about all the Palworld bosses in order. If you liked and found this guide helpful, explore more Palworld Guides in our dedicated section right here Technclub.