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Palworld All Pals List And Will They Add More?

Here's a complete list of all the Pals in Palworld and clarity on whether the devs will add more Pals.

Similar to Pokemon, Palworld boasts a big roster of cutesy Pals to catch for completing the Paldeck. While many players including me mistake them for simply being small, there are some hostile Pals with powerful abilities. As you keep on completing your Paldeck by capturing these Pals, tracking them can be a bit of a hassle. Even though the game is currently in Early Access, the developer has included many Pals from different elements.

So, check out our complete list of all the Pals in Palworld and if the devs add more. In the below list, you can press the CTRL + F buttons to search and track the Pal. So, here’s everything you need to know.

How Many Pals are in Palworld – Full Packdeck List

palworld all pals list will there be more
Image Source – Xbox on YouTube

In total, there are 138 Pals in Palworld early access ranging from different Elements. Every Pal has one or two Elemental types that determine their abilities and skills.

So, here’s our complete list of all the Pals:

Pals Element Types
Anubis Ground
Arsox Fire
Astegon Dragon/Dark
Azurobe Water/Dragon
Beakon Electric
Beegarde Grass
Blazamut Fire
Blazehowl Fire
Blazehowl Noct Fire/Dark
Bristla Grass
Broncherry Grass
Broncherry Aqua Grass/Water
Bushi Fire
Caprity Grass
Cattiva Neutral
Cawgnito Dark
Celaray Water
Chikipi Neutral
Chillet Ice/Dragon
Cinnamoth Grass
Cremis Neutral
Cryolinx Ice
Daedream Dark
Dazzi Electric
Depresso Dark
Digtoise Ground
Dinossom Grass/Dragon
Dinossom Lux Electric/Dragon
Direhowl Neutral
Dumud Ground
Eikthyrdeer Neutral
Eikthyrdeer Terra Ground
Elizabee Grass
Elphidran Dragon
Elphidran Aqua Dragon/Water
Faleris Fire
Felbat Dark
Fenglope Neutral
Flambelle Fire
Flopie Grass
Foxcicle Ice
Foxparks Fire
Frostallion Ice
Frostallion Noct Dark
Fuack Water
Fuddler Ground
Galeclaw Neutral
Gobfin Water
Gobfin Ignis Fire
Gorirat Neutral
Grintale Neutral
Grizzbolt Electric
Gumoss Grass/Ground
Hangyu Ground
Hangyu Cryst Ice
Helzephyr Dark
Hoocrates Dark
Ice Kingpaca Ice
Ice Reptyro Ice/Ground
Inceneram Noct Dark
Incineram Fire/Dark
Jetragon Dragon
Jolthog Electric
Jolthog Cryst Ice
Jormuntide Dragon/Water
Jormuntide Ignis Dragon/Fire
Katress Dark
Kelpsea Water
Kelpsea Ignis Fire
Killamari Dark
Kingpaca Neutral
Kitsun Fire
Lamball Neutral
Leezpunk Dark
Leezpunk Ignis Fire
Lifmunk Grass
Loupmoon Dark
Lovander Neutral
Lunaris Neutral
Lyleen Grass
Lyleen Noct Dark
Mammorest Grass
Mammorest Cryst Ice
Maraith Dark
Mau Dark
Mau Cryst Ice
Melpaca Neutral
Menasting Dark/Ground
Mossanda Grass
Mossanda Lux Electric
Mozzarina Neutral
Necromus Dark
Nitewing Neutral
Nox Dark
Orserk Dragon/Electric
Paladius Neutral
Pengullet Water/Ice
Penking Water/Ice
Petallia Grass
Pyrin Fire
Pyrin Noct Fire/Dark
Quivern Dragon
Ragnahawk Fire
Rayhound Electric
Reindrix Ice
Relaxaurus Dragon/Water
Relaxaurus Lux Dragon/Electric
Reptyro Fire/Ground
Ribbuny Neutral
Robinquill Grass
Robinquill Terra Grass/Ground
Rooby Fire
Rushoar Ground
Shadowbeak Dark
Sibelyx Ice
Sparkit Electric
Surfent Water
Surfent Terra Ground
Suzaku Fire
Suzaku Aqua Water
Swee Ice
Sweepa Ice
Tanzee Grass
Teafant Water
Tocotoco Neutral
Tombat Dark
Univolt Electric
Vaelet Grass
Vanwyrm Fire/Dark
Vanwyrm Cryst Ice/Dark
Verdash Grass
Vixy Neutral
Warsect Grass/Ground
Wixen Fire
Woolipop Neutral
Wumpo Ice
Wumpo Botan Grass

Will there be More Pals Added in Palworld? 

palworld all pals list will there be more
Image Source – Xbox on YouTube

Yes, the developers, Pocketpair, have confirmed adding more Pals according to their official Discord FAQ page. The devs confirmed the full release will have a roster of 175 Pals. Having said that, the game will be in Early Access for at least a year.

So, we won’t be getting new Pals anytime soon. In the meantime, you can check out what is the Palworld AI controversy for more insight into the development of the game.

That’s everything covered about all the Palworld Pals list and if they will add more. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out how to play multiplayer with friends, and explore more Palworld Guides and Gaming-related content in our dedicated section right here on Technclub.