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Palworld Breeding Combinations For Every Pal

Here's our ultimate list of all the Pal breeding combinations in Palworld.

Since breeding in Palworld is an easier option compared to fighting or taming Pals, there are better chances of obtaining the strongest Pals. But before you put the Breeding Farm to its use, you must know the potential Breeding combinations in Palworld. As you place them on the farm, there’s a greater chance of getting a rarer and stronger Pal. Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of all the breeding combos for every Pal in this game.

In our below guide, we will also be adding more combos for the remaining Pals, so stay tuned. With the list of our potential breeding combos, you can simply breed those two Pals to get the desired results. So, here’s everything you need to know.

All Pal Breeding Combinations in Palworld

All Palworld Breeding Combinations
Image Source – Steam

In total, there are up to 138 Pals that you can add to your Paldeck as of now. As the below list can be a bit confusing to track, we recommend pressing the  CTRL + F shortcut buttons to search for the Pal you want to breed.

So, here are all the Breeding combos for every Pal in Palworld:

Mozzarina Breeding Combos

  • Melpaca x Eikthyrdeer
  • Penking x Killamari
  • Fuack x Cinnamoth
  • Caprity x Melpaca
  • Foxparks x Nitewing
  • Mozzarina x Tanzee
  • Tanzee x Surfent


  • Foxparks x Tanzee
  • Foxparks x Gumoss
  • Rooby x Teafant
  • Cattiva x Woolipop
  • Sparkit x Gumoss
  • Chikipi x Rushoar
  • Lifmunk x Fuddler


  • Celaray x Bristla
  • Tanzee x Eikthyrdeer
  • Gumoss x Caprity
  • Rushoar x Direhowl
  • Celaray x Ribbuny
  • Tanzee x Caprity
  • Killamari x Melpaca

Gobfin Ignis

  • Rooby x Gobfin
  • Lifmunk x Foxparks
  • Chikipi x Fuack
  • Pengullet x Teafant
  • Lamball x Jolthog
  • Lifmunk x Sparkit
  • Cattiva x Jolthog
  • Chikipi x Tocotoco

Hangyu Cryst

  • Hangyu x Swee
  • Mossanda x Mossanda
  • Nitewing x Sibelyx
  • Penking x Warsect
  • Penking x Quivern
  • Cinnamoth x Ragnahawk
  • Grintale x Pyrin
  • Sweepa x Sibelyx

Mossanda Lux

  • Mossanda x Grizzbolt


  • Chikipi x Celaray
  • Chikipi x Melpaca
  • Lamball x Eikthyrdeer
  • Cattiva x Caprity
  • Teafant x Melpaca
  • Cattiva x Eikthyrdeer
  • Rooby x Gumoss


  • Pengullet x Penking
  • Lifmunk x Mossanda
  • Caprity x Caprity
  • Vixy x Nitewing
  • Penking x Tocotoco
  • Jolthog x Cinnamoth
  • Cattiva x Sweepa


  • Tanzee x Penking
  • Pengullet x Mossanda
  • Tocotoco x Mossanda
  • Pengullet x Nitewing
  • Woolipop x Incineram
  • Celaray x Mozzarina
  • Melpaca x Melpaca


  • Fuack x Penking
  • Foxparks x Mossanda
  • Eikthyrdeer x Eikthyrdeer
  • Caprity x Eikthyrdeer
  • Lifmunk x Nitewing
  • Sparkit x Mossanda
  • Sparkit x Nitewing

Eikthyrdeer Terra

  • Eikthyrdeer x Hangyu

Nitewing Breeding Combinations in Palworld

  • Mossanda x Nitewing
  • Nitewing x Nitewing
  • Mossanda x Sweepa
  • Penking x Elizabee
  • Nitewing x Sweepa
  • Cinnamoth x Pyrin
  • Penking x Reptyro


  • Lamball x Rooby
  • Cattiva x Rooby
  • Lifmunk x Woolipop
  • Tanzee x Jolthog
  • Teafant x Rushoar
  • Foxparks x Fuddler
  • Fuack x Killamari


  • Celaray x Elizabee
  • Celaray x Pyrin
  • Mossanda x Arsox
  • Nitewing x Arsox
  • Melpaca x Elizabee
  • Incineram x Incineram
  • Penking x Univolt

Incineram Noct

  • Incineram x Maraith


  • Cinnamoth x Cinnamoth
  • Nitewing x Surfent
  • Caprity x Suzaku
  • Penking x Wumpo
  • Mossanda x Surfent Terra
  • Digtoise x Cryolinx
  • Eikthyrdeer x Shadowbeak


  • Penking x Direhowl
  • Rooby x Mossanda
  • Rooby x Nitewing
  • Tanzee x Elizabee
  • Gumoss x Elizabee
  • Gobfin x Cinnamoth
  • Melpaca x Univolt


  • Celaray x Eikthyrdeer
  • Jolthog x Mossanda
  • Jolthog x Nitewing
  • Mozzarina x Melpaca
  • Penking x Flopie
  • Lamball x Elizabee
  • Celaray x Caprity


  • Gumoss x Eikthyrdeer
  • Celaray x Flopie
  • Tanzee x Mozzarina
  • Gumoss x Mozzarina
  • Fuddler x Caprity
  • Direhowl x Gobfin
  • Killamari x Celaray


  • Jolthog x Celaray
  • Pengullet x Melpaca
  • Fuack x Mozzarina
  • Pengullet x Dumud
  • Bristla x Eikthyrdeer
  • Nox x Direhowl
  • Cremis x Arsox

Leezpunk Ignis

  • Leezpunk x Flambelle


  • Celaray x Direhowl
  • Foxparks x Penking
  • Sparkit x Penking
  • Lamball x Mossanda
  • Chikipi x Mossanda
  • Lamball x Nitewing
  • Chikipi x Nitewing


  • Celaray x Woolipop
  • Lamball x Penking
  • Sparkit x Caprity
  • Rushoar x Eikthyrdeer
  • Cattiva x Incineram
  • Rooby x Mozzarina
  • Nox x Celaray


  • Tanzee x Arsox
  • Rooby x Melpaca
  • Lamball x Surfent
  • Cremis x Incineram
  • Rushoar x Mozzarina
  • Gumoss x Arsox
  • Vixy x Incineram

Robinquill Terra

  • Fuddler x Robinquill


  • Woolipop x Dumud
  • Teafant x Incineram
  • Fuddler x Celaray
  • Rooby x Eikthyrdeer
  • Woolipop x Melpaca
  • Rooby x Caprity
  • Chikipi x Incineram

Beegarde Breeding Combos in Palworld

  • Cattiva x Univolt
  • Tanzee x Melpaca
  • Pengullet x Arsox
  • Tanzee x Dumud
  • Fuddler x Eikthyrdeer
  • Gumoss x Dumud
  • Celaray x Kelpsea Ignis


  • Elizabee x Elizabee
  • Mossanda x Pyrin Noct
  • Penking x Orserk
  • Mossanda x Ice Reptyro
  • Nitewing x Pyrin Noct
  • Penking x Astegon
  • Nitewing x Lyleen


  • Melpaca x Cryolinx
  • Mossanda x Incineram
  • Grintale x Grintale
  • Penking x Azurobe
  • Celaray x Astegon
  • Pyrin x Vanwyrm
  • Dumud x Cryolinx


  • Jolthog x Gumoss
  • Tanzee x Pengullet
  • Lamball x Rushoar
  • Rooby x Cremis
  • Sparkit x Woolipop
  • Rooby xVixy
  • Fuack x Flopie


  • Mossanda x Pyrin
  • Cinnamoth x Elizabee
  • Sweepa x Sweepa
  • Mossanda x Ragnahawk
  • Nitewing x Ragnahawk
  • Incineram x Beakon
  • Penking x Mammorest


  • Penking x Gobfin
  • Woolipop x Nitewing
  • Nox x Mossanda
  • Tanzeex Pyrin
  • Woolipop x Sweepa
  • Nox x Nitewing
  • Celaray x Rayhound

Univolt Breeding Combos in Palworld

  • Celaray x Cinnamoth
  • Melpaca x Cinnamoth
  • Mozzarina x Mossanda
  • Mossanda x Caprity
  • Mossanda x Eikthyrdeer
  • Eikthyrdeer x Nitewing
  • Caprity x Nitewing


  • Caprity x Incineram
  • Gobfin x Mossanda
  • Rushoar x Sweepa
  • Gobfin Ignis x Mossanda
  • Woolipop x Elizabee
  • Gobfin Ignis x Nitewing
  • Rooby x Pyrin


  • Penking x Beakon
  • Incineram x Cryolinx
  • Elizabee x Sweepa
  • Pyrin x Pyrin
  • Cinnamoth x Beakon
  • Nitewing x Reptyro
  • Penking x Grizzbolt

Pyrin Noct

  • Pyrin x Katress


  • Celaray x Melpaca
  • Fuack x Nitewing
  • Penking x Gumoss
  • Fuack x Mossanda
  • Celaray x Dumud
  • Penking x Daedream
  • Tocotoco x Nitewing


  • Penking x Caprity
  • Celaray x Incineram
  • Direhowl x Nitewing
  • Melpaca x Incineram
  • Melpaca x Surfent
  • Direhowl x Sweepa
  • Eikthyrdeer x Surfent

Lamball Breeding Combos in Palworld

  • Lamball x Cattiva
  • Chikipi x Lifmunk
  • Teafant x Cremis
  • Vixy x Teafant
  • Cattiva x Mau
  • Cremis x Mau
  • Vixy x Mau


  • Cattiva x Cattiva
  • Lifmunk x Teafant
  • Lamball x Cremis
  • Lamball x Vixy
  • Cattiva x Cremis
  • Chikipi x Hangyu
  • Chikipi x Hangyu Cryst


  • Chikipi x Chikipi


  • Lamball x Foxparks
  • Lifmunk x Lifmunk
  • Cattiva x Foxparks
  • Chikipi x Pengullet
  • Lamball x Sparkit
  • Cattiva x Sparkit
  • Chikipi x Jolthog


  • Foxparks x Foxparks
  • Lamball x Fuack
  • Cattiva x Fuack
  • Lifmunk x Jolthog
  • Pengullet x Vixy
  • Chikipi x Killamari
  • Cattiva x Tocotoco

Fuack Breeding Combinations in Palworld

  • Chikipi x Rooby
  • Lamball x Woolipop
  • Sparkit x Tanzee
  • Fuack x Fuack
  • Jolthog x Killamari
  • Lifmunk x Daedream
  • Gumoss x Hangyu


  • Lamball x Pengullet
  • Fuack x Teafant
  • Sparkit x Sparkit
  • Jolthog x Cremis
  • Jolthog x Vixy
  • Chikipi x Bristla
  • Foxparks x Hangyu


  • Tanzee x Tanzee
  • Tanzee x Gumoss
  • Lifmunk x Direhowl
  • Foxparks x Gobfin
  • Sparkit x Gobfin
  • Rooby x Pengullet
  • Jolthog x Rushoar


  • Tanzee x Direhowl
  • Rooby x Rooby
  • Foxparks x Mozzarina
  • Hangyu x Melpaca
  • Cattiva x Digtoise
  • Mau Cryst x Celaray
  • Sparkit x Dumud

Pengullet Breeding Combos in Palworld

  • Cattiva x Tanzee
  • Lamball x Gumoss
  • Pengullet x Pengullet
  • Cattiva x Gumoss
  • Tanzee x Cremis
  • Fuack x Jolthog
  • Tanzee x Vixy


  • Penking x Penking
  • Cinnamoth x Surfent
  • Penking x Grintale
  • Eikthyrdeer x Cryolinx
  • Mozzarina x Cryolinx
  • Incineram x Sibelyx
  • Cinnamoth x Elphidran


  • Lamball x Tanzee
  • Chikipi x Tanzee
  • Tanzee x Teafant
  • Foxparks x Pengullet
  • Chikipi x Gumoss
  • Foxparks x Fuack
  • Gumoss x Teafant

Jolthog Cryst

  • Jolthog Cryst x Jolthog Cryst
  • Pengullet x Jolthog


  • Gumoss x Gumoss
  • Fuack x Rooby
  • Pengullet x Rushoar
  • Killamari x Woolipop
  • Rooby x Bristla
  • Tanzee x Daedream
  • Direhowl x Hangyu


  • Lamball x Lifmunk
  • Chikipi x Foxparks
  • Cattiva x Lifmunk
  • Foxparks x Teafant
  • Sparkit x Teafant
  • Lifmunk x Cremis
  • Vixy x Vixy


  • Lifmunk x Pengullet
  • Sparkit x Jolthog
  • Fuack x Cremis
  • Fuack x Vixy
  • Chikipi x Flopie
  • Teafant xKillamari
  • Cattiva x Bristla


  • Chikipi x Teafant
  • Teafant x Teafant
  • Chikipi x Mau

Depresso Breeding Combinations in Palworld

  • Lifmunk x Fuack
  • Sparkit x Pengullet
  • Foxparks x Jolthog
  • Lamball x Killamari
  • Lifmunk x Tocotoco
  • Teafant x Flopie
  • Pengullet x Hangyu


  • Chikipi x Sparkit


  • Cattiva x Vixy
  • Cremis x Cremis
  • Vixy x Cremis
  • Lifmunk x Mau
  • Teafant x Hangyu
  • Lamball x Mau Cryst


  • Foxparks x Direhowl
  • Sparkit x Direhowl
  • Fuack x Rushoar
  • Tanzee x Fuddler
  • Gumoss x Fuddler
  • Jolthog x Gobfin
  • Flopie x Woolipop


  • Foxparks x Celaray
  • Sparkit x Celaray
  • Pengullet x Caprity
  • Pengullet x Eikthyrdeer
  • Fuack x Caprity
  • Jolthog x Melpaca
  • Fuack x Eikthyrdeer


  • Teafant x Celaray
  • Lamball x Melpaca
  • Cattiva x Melpaca
  • Lifmunk x Caprity
  • Lifmunk x Eikthyrdeer
  • Cremis x Melpaca
  • Rooby x Woolipop


  • Tanzee x Woolipop
  • Fuddler x Fuddler
  • Rooby x Killamari
  • Pengullet x Gobfin
  • Rooby x Flopie
  • Rushoar x Bristla
  • Pengullet x Gobfin Ignis


  • Pengullet x Gumoss
  • Fuack x Tanzee
  • Lifmunk x Rooby
  • Fuack x Gumoss
  • Foxparks x Woolipop
  • Cattiva x Rushoar
  • Pengullet x Fuddler


  • Lamball x Chikipi
  • Cattiva x Chikipi
  • Lamball x Teafant
  • Cattiva x Teafant
  • Chikipi x Cremis
  • Chikipi x Vixy
  • Lamball x Mau


  • Celaray x Celaray
  • Penking x Fuddler
  • Tanzee x Cinnamoth
  • Rooby x Incineram
  • Bristla x Nitewing
  • Fuack x Sweepa
  • Melpaca x Digtoise

Direhowl Breeding Combos in Palworld

  • Tanzee x Celaray
  • Gumoss x Celaray
  • Gumoss x Melpaca
  • Direhowl x Direhowl
  • Woolipop x Caprity
  • Woolipop x Eikthyrdeer
  • Fuddler x Melpaca


  • Lifmunk x Tanzee
  • Lifmunk x Gumoss
  • Fuack x Pengullet
  • Chikipi x Woolipop
  • Teafant x Woolipop
  • Lamball x Fuddler
  • Cattiva x Fuddler


  • Chikipi x Direhowl
  • Foxparks x Rooby
  • Lifmunk x Rushoar
  • Sparkit x Rooby
  • Jolthog x Woolipop
  • Lamball x Gobfin
  • Gumoss x Bristla
All Palworld Breeding Combinations
Image Source – Steam

It’s worth noting that the above list is incomplete as of now. However, we will make sure to update this ultimate list with more breeding combos of the Pals, so stay tuned. While Palworld is currently in Early Access, the developers have confirmed up to 70 more Pals will be added to the game. When that happens, we will update this guide with more info.

That’s everything covered about the Palworld Breeding combinations for all the Pals. If you liked and found this guide helpful, check out our Element Type Chart, how to play multiplayer with friends, and explore more Palworld Guides in our dedicated section right here on Technclub.