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Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Coming To Xbox Series X, Runs At 120 FPS

During the past few hours, through the Microsoft Store, a new title referring to Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection appeared, probably anticipating a version to 120 FPS set to Xbox Series X/S.

It is assumed that this is the next-gen version of Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection since on the store it is indicated with the words “Deluxe Edition,” while a version of the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC had already been announced by Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo the previous month.

If it were therefore a next-gen version, it would certainly enjoy some considerable technical advantages. As you may already know, the US company is not new to these cases of involuntary anticipation, in fact already in the past – or even just last week – situations of this kind have occurred.

On the page of the official site some images of the game and a brief description have been inserted, which explains that, in addition to some specific additions for the Deluxe Edition, the collection includes some titles of the saga in remastered version such as Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Sigma 2, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge.

However, what has attracted the public eye the most are the technical specifications, which in fact mention the 4K Ultra HD resolution with an additional symbol of 60 FPS+, suggesting 120 FPS. The various speculations of the fans, therefore, see an official announcement coming soon, perhaps also relating to a possible version also with regard to PlayStation 5.

Although it is very interesting and exciting information, especially for fans of the great franchise, we would like to clarify that, however, none of this has been officially confirmed, so we invite our readers to strictly take the above with a grain of salt.