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What Do Sheep Eat In Minecraft? Explained

Wondering what do sheep eat in Minecraft? Here's everything you should know about it.

Minecraft features a wide range of passive mobs that drop useful resources and items. One of these include Sheep which are a passive mob that can spawn almost everywhere. While you can usually find them in grass terrains, you may not find them in snowy regions. Farming a sheep is the best way to generate wool and mutton while gaining EXP. But what do sheep eat in Minecraft to lure or breed them? Don’t worry, check out our guide to find out everything about it.

What do Sheep Eat in Minecraft?

Like the Cows, the Sheep only eat wheat in Minecraft. They also eat grass blocks to grow their wool and turn it into dirt blocks. Using the wheat and equipping it, you can lure them into your Animal Farm. If you have two of them together, you can feed them wheat for breeding.

When you feed them this food item, you will see some hearts hovering above them. Once these two Sheep have had enough food, they will enter love mode and start breeding. After that, simply wait for some time until a baby sheep is spawned. That said, you must obtain wheat to befriend or tame Sheep in Minecraft.

Follow the below steps to farm wheat:

  • You can grow Wheat seeds on any grass biomes to get the Wheat. You can break the grass using Shears. If you use Fortune Enchantment, you can obtain more seeds.
  • Once you have got these seeds, turn the land into a farm using a Hoe. But ensure that it is placed near water.
  • You can craft a Hoe by using any type of Metal ingot with any wooden planks or sticks.
  • After your land turns into a farm, sow the wheat seeds.
  • Wait for some time or use Bone Meal to make the process quicker.
  • When you see the wheat turning yellow, it is time to harvest them.
  • Lastly, use Shears or other tools to harvest the grown crop.
What do Sheep Eat in Minecraft
Image Source – EKGaming on YouTube

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