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Where To Find Blaze Easily In Minecraft

Can't find Blaze in Minecraft? Here's our guide to find out everything about it.

The Blaze is a hostile mob in Minecraft that spawns only at Nether Fortresses. Out of all the mobs, killing Blaze is the only way to obtain Blaze Rods. Be it a long-ranged or short-ranged distance, these mobs shoot Fireballs whenever you encounter them. It can also attack you with their Blaze Rods if you get too close to them. But while fighting is the latter part, many players are unable to find Blaze in Minecraft. Considering Blaze Rods are an important item, you must find and kill these mobs to get them.

Don’t worry, check out our guide to find out the fastest way to find Blaze. So, here’s everything you need to know.

Fastest Way to Find a Blaze in Minecraft

Where to Find Blaze Minecraft
Image Source – minecraft.fandom website

You can find Blaze only at the Nether Fortress biome due to its spawner originating only at the Fortress. For that, you need to build a Nether Portal if you haven’t crafted or built it already. However, the locations for Nether Fortresses are randomized for every seed. So, you must pave your way while venturing into the biome.

That said, these mobs can be easily spotted due to their bright golden-esque color. As you head there, you can find spawns of this mob floating over the lava. This makes it a bit difficult to counter-attack since these mobs can also throw fireballs. In addition to finding Blaze spawns over here, you can also find their natural spawners.

These are trapped inside the boxes and can spawn Blaze if they get too close. Their spawners can be found in small rooms with a staircase around the Fortresses. As you find a spawner, it can drop 1-4 Blaze mobs at once. So, finding spawners is a good way to farm Blaze in Minecraft.

However, note that these mobs can be lethal once you activate the spawner. We recommend killing them as soon as a Blaze is spawned because it can set you on fire.

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