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What Do Cows Eat In Minecraft? (Explained)

Wondering what do cows eat in Minecraft? Check out our guide to find out the best food options to feed Cows.

Cows are one of the most useful passive mobs since they are a great source of leather, beef, and milk. While these mobs wander across the various biomes, they can mainly be found in grassy biomes. To keep these mobs happy and befriend or tame them, you need to feed them their favorite foods. But what to feed these Cows to take care of them? Don’t worry, check out our guide explaining what Cows eat in Minecraft. So, here’s everything you need to know.

What do Minecraft Cows Eat?

Minecraft what do Cows Eat
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The Cows only eat wheat, so you can equip the wheat to make them follow around. As you feed it to them, you can see hearts hovering above their heads indicating they have entered love mode. If you have enough wheat and two cows, you can breed them to create calves or baby cows.

So, here’s how to farm and plant wheat:

  • You can get the Wheat from growing Wheat seeds on any grassy biome. You can break the grass on the ground using a suitable tool for these seeds.
  • Craft a hoe to turn the land into a farm.
  • If you haven’t crafted a hoe yet, use any wooden planks, sticks, and any type of metal ingots to craft one.
  • Add the wheat seeds into the farmland and wait for them to grow.
  • You can add the Bone Meal to speed up this process.
  • When farming wheat seeds, ensure that your farming land is close to a water source.
  • Once the wheat crop is fully grown, you can harvest it. Every grown crop harvests 1 Wheat and 1 to 4 wheat seeds on each Harvest.

In addition to growing wheat, you can also find them naturally in different biomes. These include different chests, and dungeons, or spawn naturally at random biomes.

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