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Minecraft Brewing Stand Recipe: How To Craft It And All Potions

Wondering how to make the Brewing stand in Minecraft? Check out our guide on how to craft it with all the potion recipes you need to survive.

Minecraft features a plethora of items and resources that can aid you when the odds are against you. With the help of potions granting various status effects, you can survive hordes of enemies and mobs. But for that, you will require a Brewing Stand recipe in Minecraft. Don’t worry, check out our guide to know how to craft it and brew Potions. In our guide, you can also find the chart or list of all the potions you can craft using the Brewing Stand. So, here’s everything you need to know about it.

How to Make the Brewing Stand in Minecraft

You can craft the Brewing stand using 1 Blaze Rod and 3 Cobblestones or Blackstones on the Crafting table. Note that you will need Blaze Powder to activate the Brewing Stand and Water bottles to brew potions.

Follow the below steps:

  • Make a crafting table if you haven’t built it already. For that, you need to craft four planks by placing a block of Wood in the 2×2 crafting grid.
  • Place four Wood planks in the empty slots of the grid to make a Crafting table.
  • Now, head to the Nether Fortresses to acquire a single Blaze Rod. To do so, you must defeat the Blazes mob to obtain a Blaze Rod.
  • Then, scavenge and mine for 3 Blackstones or Cobblestones.
  • Once you have found all the crafting ingredients, place the 3×3 Crafting table on the ground.
  • Place 1 Blaze Rod in the center of the top row and three Cobblestones or Blackstones in the second row.
  • Lastly, place the Brewing Stand from the Inventory and interact with it to open the Brewing Menu.
Minecraft Brewing Stand Recipe
Image Source – RajCraft on YouTube.

How to Brew Potions Using Brewing Stand

While the crafting ingredients of all the potions are different, the brewing or crafting process is the same. For that, it is essential to obtain Blaze Powder and Water bottles. So, here’s how to brew potions in Minecraft:

  • Place 1 Blaze Powder in the top-left corner of the Brewing Menu.
  • Put water bottles at the bottom of the Menu. You can place a maximum of three Water bottles to brew three potions at once.
  • Then, place your crafting ingredient depending on the recipe on the top.
  • Wait for some time until the progress bar is complete.
  • Finally, add the brewed potion to your Inventory.

All Minecraft Potion Recipes List

Here’s the list of all the potions you can craft using the Brewing Stand:

  • Potion of Fire Resistance
  • Potion of Invisibility
  • Potion of Harming
  • Potion of Healing
  • Potion of Leaping
  • Potion of Night Vision
  • Potion of Poison
  • Potion of Regeneration
  • Potion of Slow Falling
  • Potion of Slowness
  • Potion of Strength
  • Potion of Swiftness
  • Potion of the Turtle Master
  • Potion of Water Breathing
  • Awkward potion
  • Mundane potion
  • Thick potion
  • Splash potion
  • Lingering potion
  • Enhanced potion
  • Extended potion

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