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Best XP Farms In Minecraft

Want to make an easy XP Farm in Minecraft? Check out our guide to find out the best farms for XP or experience points.

Be it mining diamonds or killing the plethora of mobs, there are plenty of ways to earn Experience Points (XP) in Minecraft. You can find the XP level at the bottom of your screen indicated by a green bar. This resets every time you level up or gain a new level. While it’s a slow process, gaining experience points is as essential as surviving the game. Luckily, there’s a wide range of farming methods to help you gain XP easily in no time. So, check out our guide to find out the best XP farms in Minecraft.

Best XP Farms in Minecraft

Best XP Farm in Minecraft
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With countless methods available, narrowing the list to the best 3 XP farms was difficult. That said, our list can help you know the best methods that shouldn’t be missed out.

Here are the easiest and best farms for XP:

  • AFK Fish Farm
  • Blaze Farm
  • Mob Spawner

So, let’s delve into each of these methods in more detail:

AFK Fish Farm

AFK Fish Farm or Automatic fishing farm is the best way to earn countless items or resources easily. These include enchantment books, fishing rods, saddles, and many other random items. While it requires simply a few items to make this XP farm, it doesn’t drop much XP. However, it’s easy to craft and drops a wide range of rewards. So, you can try out easy Automatic AFK fish farms to earn XP.

Blaze Farm

The Blazes are the best mobs to farm XP in Minecraft. But for this XP farm, you must craft and stack up more Blaze Rods to survive the Nether. While there are many ways to make a Blaze farm, you can pick a basic spawner. Since eliminating each Blaze drops 10 experience points, killing hordes of them can level up your XP level quite easily. As you build a spawner for the Blaze farm, try using different Potions and a natural cover to speed up the process.

Mob Spawner Farm

Considering there are many mob dungeons, you can use any of them to gain XP. Usually, mob spawner farms trap the mobs in one place safely killing them to earn plenty of experience points. For that purpose, you can bring your tamed foxes or wolves to the fight and eliminate all the mobs. We highly recommend the Skeleton dungeon since they drop several weapons and other gear items.

Ultimately, countless farms for experience points can help you out as you progress. However, it all depends on your playstyle, experience, and preferences. So, we recommend players to experiment with different XP farms to earn more experience points.

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