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Minecraft: How To Make Purple Dye

Check out our guide to find out how to make and get Purple Dye in Minecraft.

You can paint your world with any colors thanks to the plethora of color dyes in Minecraft. Be it your castle or in-game items, these dyes can help you color any blocks. One of these colors is the Purple Dye which can be used for several purposes. You can use it to not only dye the wool but also sheep allowing it to produce more colored wool than usual. But as players search for this secondary color dye, they are unable to find it anywhere.

Don’t worry, check out our guide on how to make and get Purple Dye in Minecraft. In our guide, find out the exact steps for crafting this color dye with its uses. So, here’s everything you need to know.

How to Make and Get Purple Dye in Minecraft

minecraft make purple dye
Image Source – Stingray Productions on YouTube.

You can craft and get the Purple Dye by combining the Red and Blue dyes or from the Wandering Traders in exchange for the Emeralds. So, follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, obtain the Red and Blue dyes by crafting them.
  • You can craft the Blue color dye by mining Lapis Lazuli and Cornflower. For the Red color dye, you can mine Poppy, Roses, and Beetroots as the crafting ingredients.
  • Once both the colors have been crafted, open the Crafting Table.
  • Then, craft the Purple Dye using both the color dyes. You will get two dyes by using the Red and Blue color dyes.

Similar to buying this dye from Wandering Traders, you can also sell it to them for Emeralds. You can stack up the Blue and Red colors to generate more Purple dyes by crafting them. While the use of Purple dye is purely cosmetic, you can use it creatively for your world.

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