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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Release Date, Trailer Revealed

Those responsible for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition dropped the bomb today and released the first trailer for the new edition of the first three main titles. The release date was also revealed, about which there was already speculation. From May 14th you will be able to play the space trilogy in a revised form.

A few minutes ago the official reveal trailer for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition was uploaded. After a series of visually impressive gameplay scenes, we finally find out the release date of the remaster bundle there. On May 14th of this year, you can relive the popular space trilogy on PS4 and Xbox One. If you already have a PS5, you can enjoy the HD collection with even better performance.

Regardless of which platform you play on, 4K resolution with HDR and 60 frames per second is supported. You will particularly notice visible changes in the lighting and shadow effects. The textures of the included character models and the environments could also be noticed.

With this bundle, you can expect more than just visual improvements. In addition to the basic content, there are over 40 download expansions from all three titles. This includes promo weapons, armor, and various bundles.

In the first part, the adjustments made should be felt most strongly. Among other things, the interface and the general player experience have been revised. The developers have modernized the aiming system, the controls, and the camera perspective, which you will immediately notice during the battles and exploring a game world. Even the enemy AI has been improved.

Incidentally, a multiplayer did not make it into the edition. According to the Project Director, they thought about it at the beginning of the development, but because of the high effort, they ultimately decided not to.

You can watch the brand new trailer yourself below: