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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Release Date Leaked by Retailers

After many months of various speculations, we finally received the official announcement of the remaster of the original trilogy of the popular Mass Effect series on November 7 (N7 day), called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Unfortunately, the short trailer did not provide an exact release date, and all we knew so far was that it should be released in the first quarter of this year. Now, however, the two stores, independently of each other, seem to have leaked the release date.

According to Singapore’s Shopitree website and Indonesia’s GSShop gaming store, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is set to release on March 12.

Although, of course, there is a chance that this is an error, there are still two different sources that published this information at a similar time. However, if the release is actually due on March 12, it would very likely be an official confirmation of the fall.

As we have known for a long time, players can of course look forward to a higher resolution and framerate. Textures, shaders, character models, and effects should also be improved.

The game will run in 4K Ultra HD and will be released in versions for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with backward compatibility and specific enhancements for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. In addition, of course, the package will include all DLC additions.