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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC Update: New GamePlus, Costumes & More

Will Spider-Man 2 will have DLC? Well here is some info we pulled out from various news sources on the upcoming Spider-Man 2 DLC.

The previous Spider-Man game got a DLC – The City Never Sleeps and the new game will also have one. But there are no official details. However, we are able to pull out some vital info about the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC Update. The City Never Sleeps DLC added three new story chapters in the previous version of the game. It also added some new missions and suits. So what will be new in the Spider-Man 2 DLC? Here are some speculations.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC Release Date

Spider-Man 2 DLC Date
Spider-Man 2 DLC

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC will be coming somewhere in November or in the end of this year. In 2018 Spider-Mans DLC’s was released within one to two months after the launch. It added three new chapters to the base story of the game. Based on some discussion going on social media sites, Spider-Man 2 DLC will be released in the form of a Patch in the month of November or December 2023. It will add a New Game Plus and some cosmetics items.

We were able to track out where the upcoming DLC will bring in more new chapters like the previous ones. But if we follow the previous releases, then there are maximum possibilities that the developers will bring new chapters to the base stories. As usual, there will be new costumes and other add-ons also.

This time Spider-Man 2 brings in both Peter and Miles in one frame, if there are new chapters planned, then it will definitely extend the base storyline. Or there are possibilities that Insomniac will pick one among two for extended gameplay. Yet due to a lack of official info, we cannot speculate much, but there will be a DLC that is true to some extent.

Spider-Man 2 What’s New:

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has proven to be an exciting version of the Spider-Man series. However, by bringing two Spider-Man in one team, players got a chance to try out two different combat mechanisms. The game gives players a choice to switch characters, in the open world. After the campaign, players are free to explore the entire city and guard the citizens against various crimes and thefts. Also, make sure you check who is Cindy in SpiderMan 2 Ending scene (Spoiler Alert).