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Spider-Man 2 Ending Scene – Who is Cindy?

Cindy is an mysterious character that is introduced in the post-credit scene of Spider-Man 2. Here everything you want to know about Cindy and her role in upcoming Spider-Man 2 DLC.

Spider-Man 2 DLC’s has left players with doubts and excitement. There are a few different post-credit scenes that hint at what could be coming up in the next Spider-Man 2 DLC. Before we start with details who is Cindy in Spider-Man 2 – SPOILER ALERT – if you have yet not reached the end then do skip what is written below.

Who is Cindy in Spider-Man 2?

Spider-Man 2 Cindy
Source: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5

In the very last post-credit scene at Mile’s House, everyone is all set to welcome some guests. Here we also get to see a strong bond between Haily and Miles Morales. Soon there is a knock on the door, and  Rio introduces Albert to everyone. Then comes Cindy, her face is not revealed she just waves at everyone and the scene ends.

Cindy’s full name is Cindy Moon aka Silk, she is bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker. So she does have all the abilities and superpowers of Spider-Man. There is a chemistry between Cindy and Peter Parker based on the comics. Cindy also knows the real face behind the mask. She is aware that Peter is the friendly neighbour hood Spider-Man and they have had a strong relationship for a while.

Cindy Spider Man 2
Source: Marvels.com

Silk Spider-Woman (Cindy Moon) Powers:

  • Silk Sense: Shoot organic webs from her glands in her fingertips. The amount of webs she can shoot depends on her health bar. These webs are strong and can be woven into clothing. Silk can use, modify, or transform webs into claws, hooks, web-lines, etc.
  • Super-Human Strength: Silk can lift up to 5 to 8 tons easily, she is fast like a spider and also has the signature spider-sense. She can sense Peter as she was bitten by the same spider, she can track Peter across multi-verse.

Because they were bitten by the same spider, there is a strong attraction between them. Now it is yet a question how Cindy fits into Miles Morales’s universe. Will the game bring in an altered story where Cindy gets hooked up with Miles instead of Peter? In one of the post-credit scenes Peter and MJ are shown to be leaving peacefully, while young Miles takes the responsibility of day-to-day crime fighting.

There are leaks that the upcoming Spider-Man 2 DLC will bring extended chapters like the previous ones. Spider-Man 2018 DLC added three new chapters with new villains and suits. The characters that we are seeing in the post-credit scene will surely be part of the upcoming DLC. But looks like Peter Parker will not be getting any extra space in the story. He showed as enjoying a peaceful life with Mary Jane, while Miles Morales took the lead. So if there is an extension coming up in the form of a DLC, then it looks like Miles will be the center of attraction. He is young, techy, and has all those Gen-Z issues that any average teenager might be dealing with.

So this was all about Cindy in Spider-Man 2, her role, and what she could become. Soon we will be seeing her as Silk in Spider-Man 2.