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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How to Switch Characters?

You can always pick between Miles Morales and Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2. By switching you will also get a chance to try out amazing perks and abilities of different Spider-Man's.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 brings in action-packed missions with two of the most popular Spider-Man in one frame. The high-tech geeky kid Miles Morales and the cool neighborhood friend Peter Parker. Both have different abilities, different suit styles, and abilities. You can always switch between both characters but with some limitations. So here is a guide on how to switch characters in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

How to Switch Characters in Spiderman 2?

Switch Characters Spider-Man 2

Press the Square button or swipe on the touchpad to load the game menu. Or open the tiny map screen on the right end bottom and press Square to Switch to Miles or to Switch to Peter Parker.  Also called as the FNM App, switching between characters is not allowed during the main campaign. All the main missions mostly are bonded by the main story line where you will have a chance to play Peter Parker or Miles Morales.

Switch To Peter or Switch to Miles during Story Missions:

During main campaign, the game does not allow you to Switch to Peter or Switch to Miles on will. It will be based on the objectives and prompt. For example at the start while dealing with the Sandman, you play first as Peter Parker, and then switch Miles Morales to continue with the fight. So switching between characters is allowed on the basis of objectives.

Switch to Peter or Switch to Miles in Open World:

Switch between characters is allowed when you are exploring the Open-World. You can do this in between Crime objectives. So when you are exploring Manhatten, and get a ping regarding Crime-related objectives you can pick between Peter and Miles as and when required. And use their abilities to tackle enemies.

Both Peter and Miles have different skill trees. This game gives them different and unique abilities, like the shock power ability that only Miles can use. While Peter can use Venom Symbiote to get health and power boost. Miles is best if you want to play low or prefer a stealth-based approach. Peter is all about facing enemies head-to-head. Spider-Man 2 also has character-specific optional missions. To unlock them you will have to first complete the game.

It might take around max 10 to 15 hours to complete the game. Then you are free to explore the hidden secrets of Manhattan. There were rumors about the Spider-Man 2 game plus coming to the game in the form of DLC content via Patch. Mostly at the end, the entire city of Manhatten is unlocked, you can swing to any place you want. Deal with small crime objectives, mini-games, etc.