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How long Marvel’s Midnight Suns Will Be: Game Duration & More Details Revealed

Here's the game duration of Marvel's Midnight Suns is going to be. Also, check out the game mechanics used in the title as well.

More details about the upcoming tactical RPG title Midnight Suns have been revealed. Among other things, the developers of Firaxis Games talked about how long Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be and some game mechanics.

How long Marvel’s Midnight Suns Will Be?

Marvel’s Midnight Suns was revealed on the digital version of Gamescom 2021, but during the Opening Night Live, we only saw the teaser trailer. The studio then attempted to present the gameplay, but that was just the beginning.

Today we have got very interesting details about the title. Interestingly, the Malaysian website GamerBraves published an interview with the creative director Jake Solomon who mentioned the lack of a time limit and a very long game duration of Marvel’s Midnight Suns:

The time limit in XCOM was something that made sense both narratively and mechanics-wise. Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a different type of game and thus has a different set of design goals and mechanics. Depending on the player, Marvel’s Midnight Suns will take about 40 to 60 hours to play through.

Additionally, Marvel licensed characters that make up the party (in addition to the player-created character) will not be able to die permanently, although injuries that will limit their potential for future fights will still be in effect. In that sense, Solomon also added the following in the interview:

Throughout the game, you’re going to need resources when it comes to upgrading your abilities, facilities in the Abbey, and more. Missions offer specific types of rewards – you’ll need credits for improving the Forge, so you should find a mission that offers credits as an award. Each mission has a required hero that you need to take, so this is one way we encourage players to play at least a little bit with each hero. Also, the more you take a certain hero into combat, the more you put them at risk where they take too much damage and get Injured. Heroes that are Injured can still be used in combat, but they’ll have some type of debuff – they might start a fight with less total health, for example. Also – in the Abbey, there’s times where the heroes themselves will ask you to take them into battle and you’ll get rewarded if you do so.

Midnight Suns will release in March 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.