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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Release Date, Trailer, Platforms, and Gameplay

Yesterday a new game was announced from the Firaxis studio, known for the XCOM and Civilization series. Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the title we’ve called Marvel XCOM in recent months, but as it turns out, it won’t be as close to XCOM as we thought.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Release Date and Platforms

During Gamescom 2021, the publisher 2K Games and XCOM developer Firaxis announced Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The game is scheduled to hit PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S as well as Nintendo Switch in March 2022.

The game is based on the comic book series The Rise of the Midnight Sons, which began in 1992. It must bring together characters like Dr. Strange, Frank Drake, Morbius, Jonny Blaze, or Blade to stop Lilith, the mother of demons, who wants to gain dominance over the world. Solomon says it’s his favorite series of the time.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Synopsis

In the game, we take on the role of Hunter, which is a completely new character created by the developers in collaboration with Marvel. We will be able to adjust her appearance and combat skills. We are looking forward to more than 40 superpowers, which will vary depending on whether they are light or dark.

What’s the gameplay like in Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

If there’s anything left of XCOM, it’s turn-based combat. In addition to Hunter, we will also play for 3 other superheroes (we will probably be able to choose them, the total number should be 12), whose abilities will also improve over time.

But this part is already very different from XCOM. We will explore our base called The Abbey, which the developers also created in collaboration with Marvel, from a third-party perspective. We will spend time mainly building relationships with other superheroes.

Recall that Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be released in March 2022, targeting the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Check out the announcement trailer below.

Here’s the official trailer of Marvel’s Midnight Suns