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Apple Vision Pro: Release Date, Specs And Price

Apple WWDC 2023 event ended with a bang after its announcement of Vision Pro. Our guide covers all the things that you must know about Vision Pro.

In the WWDC 2023, Apple came up with new products like iOS 17, a 15-inch Mac Book, iPadOS 17, and more. Out of these, one of the eye-catching products that blew everyone’s mind was Vision Pro with the latest operating system. Created with a blended AR + VR, it provides a spatial experience.  Vision Pro is a revolutionary product, changing the way we access apps, messages, calls, FaceTime, and more. The release date or availability of Vision Pro is sometime in early 2024. Here are some more details on this amazing VR headset by Apple.

What are Apple Vision Pro Specs & Price

Vision Pro Physical Design

Vision Pro uses a fully 3D design interface that enables you to view everything life-size, right from your apps to your pictures, documents, web page, etc. The specs of Vision Pro are impeccable:


  • 1 billion Pixels per second are transmitted by High-resolution cameras to the displays ensuring excellent clarity.
  • Delivers precise head and hand tracking
  • Provides Real‑time 3D mapping

Apple has designed an intuitive input model for spatial computing in Vision Pro. There is no use of controllers or additional hardware. Your eyes, hands, and voice act as a controller. You can browse seamlessly simply by looking. Vision Pro functions based on your hand gestures from different angles. You must tap your fingers to select and gently flick to scroll. Smooth Voice Input to dictate and search whatever you want. Make use of  Siri to open or close apps, play media, and more.

Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality

  • The eye-tracking system utilizes a unique curve OLED panel with a lenticular lens leading to the 3D display.
  • The 3D display contains about 23 million pixels including both the lens. This means that each lens has more pixels than a 4K Tv.
  • It is responsive directly to light.
  • It also helps you understand scales and distance.
  • Expansive boundaries according to your physical space and preference
  • Enable AR in Vision Pro from the iPhone or iPad via Safari.
    All these above-mentioned traits indeed contribute to a raw experience. What is amazing is that your environment can even extend beyond the dimensions of your physical room. You can immerse yourself beyond limits by adjusting the Digital Crown.

EyeSight Feature

Vision Pro Specs and Price

Vision Pro is designed in such a way that your eyes would be visible the moment someone comes in front of you. It also lets them know what you are busy with. While using apps your eyes will slightly be foamed with light and on being fully immersed, they won’t be able to see your eyes as a signal that you are into something and cannot see them anymore.  In simple words, an outward display reveals your eyes while wearing Vision Pro, letting others know when you are using apps or fully.

Audio and Video

Speakers in Vision Pro are located close to your ears to ensure rich Spatial Audio while keeping you aware of your surroundings. Experience ambient spatial audio with the new Spatial Audio Engine feature that uses the integrated dual-driver audio pods enabling personalized sound. The spatial 3D videos can now be watched at 4K resolution. The best-advanced feature that Apple innovated for FaceTime was the encoder-decoder neural network that creates a digital persona of you for the person who is the face- timing you. This means that your Vision Pro won’t block your face during your video calls.  So, enjoy spatial video and audio that provides a life-size view of your friends and family.


Vision Pro

Vision Pro uses a dual chip design combining M2 and R1 chipsets running on the powerful operating system called visionOS. New capabilities were added to this operating system like the new Real-time subsystem for handling workloads, a Foveated Renderer to ensure high image quality, a Multi-App 3D design for running many apps smoothly in one simulation, and Spatial Frameworks for enabling spatial experiences.

  • The M2 chip boosts the performance with its Core 12 CPU, Core  38 GPU, and a 16 Core Neural engine.
  • The new R1 chip used in this process inputs 12 cameras, 5 sensors, and 6 microphones. It also eliminates virtual lag and streams new images to displays within 12 milliseconds which is 8X faster than the blink of an eye.

So while the powerful M2 chip ensures performance efficiency, the R1 chip helps the users enjoy a real-time visual experience.


  • Vision Pro is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • It works with Bluetooth accessories like Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.
  • You can connect your Mac wirelessly to Vision Pro by just placing the Mac screen in front of your Vision Pro thereby expanding it according to your need. This in turn will offer you a portable 4K display which is great.

Privacy and Security

Vision Pro uses the Optic ID system for security. This system operates on the iris of the user that is distinct for every individual even the twins. So use your encrypted Optic ID is accessible only to the Secure Enclave processor. The privacy is ensured by isolated Eye Input that Vision Pro uses thereby preventing unauthorized access to your data by any outsider party while you look for something.

Battery Life

Vision Pro comes with an external battery that provides up to 2 hours of battery life. You can use it all day by plugging the cable into the pocket-size aluminum battery.

Other Features

Vision Pro Multitask

  • Enjoy playing your favorite arcade games with Vision Pro’s incredible audio and game controller support. Over 100 arcade titles will be available for you to play. Disney+ and Apple Tv+ will be available too from day one.
  • The design of the Vision Pro headband is impeccable. The soft cushioned headband with Light Seal stretches to suit your comfort. The 3D glass display has an aluminum alloy frame that extends into curves across your face.

Vision Pro helps you to connect with your loved ones and functions seamlessly to create a conducive workspace for group conferencing. You can also use SharePlay to share presentations and other apps if needed. For the price of $3,499, Vision Pro indeed tackles the objectives of mobility, performance, and wearability. This was all you needed to know in terms of Vision Pro’s Release date, Specs, and Price. Do check out our article on the new Mac Studio specs and price.