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Insomniac’s Wolverine Secrets Exposed with Character Images and Voice Actors

Here are images of Wolverine's character and their voice actors just leaked online.

Insomniac’s Wolverine is announced for PS5 with a small teaser creating a lot of excitement in the gaming community. There is a lot of buzz exploding on the web regarding Insomniac’s + Marvel’s venture on releasing some of the best PS5 exclusives in coming years. The game is in development and its release will be nowhere around 2025. 2026 will be the year we might see Wolverine’s online multiplayer mode. One of the recent leaks we can track down is the cast of the Wolverine PS5 game its voice actor. Someone has just exposed the characters of this game and images of voice artists behind them. Here is a list of each character and their voice artist as leaked on Imgur.

Liam McIntyre – Logan

Wolverin Logan PS5

Krizia Bajos – Jean Grey

Wolverin Jean Grey PS5

Brett Gipson – Sabertooth

Wolverin Sabertooth Red PS5

Nicole Pacent – Mystique

Wolverin Mystic PS5

Kelly Hu – Tyger Tiger

 Wolverin Tyger PS5

Joleam Kim – Deathstrike

Wolverin Deathstrike PS5

Leech – Noga Wind

Wolverin Leech PS5

Pragathi Guruprasad – Davina

Wolverin Davina PS5

Debra Wilson – Callisto

Wolverin Callisto PS5

Raphael Korkhill – Omega Red

Wolverin Omega Red PS5

Jonathan Toshiobu – Sunfire

Wolverin Sunfire Red PS5

Troy Baker – Sinister

Wolverin Sinister PS5

Jeff Nordling – Sasquatch

Wolverin Sasquatch PS5

Hackers stole Insomniac data and released these leaks online. They also uploaded Wolverine’s video and the game developers’ future projects. A lot of news is circulating the web revealing all the plans for Insomniac’s game. However, gamers are not happy to know so much so early. Based on different news sources hackers have also threatened the game developer to pay 50 BTC, that is approx 2 million within seven days to avoid the release of any further confidential data. Sony has further issued a statement they had launched an investigation on the same.

Source: Imgur