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Insomniac Games to Introduce Multiplayer/Co-Op Modes in Spider-Man 2, Wolverine, and X-Men Titles

Upcoming Marvels titles will be getting a online-multiplayer mode, here is the leaked release timeline.

According to a leaked timeline of game launches, which is marked as “Secret”, Insomniac Games is all set to bring in Multiplayer Madness to its upcoming titles. It was also recently in the news that the game developer has already started hiring Progammer to set the foundation of Co-Op or Online Mode in the below-listed titles.

Insomniac (Marvel’s) Upcoming Multiplayer Games:

Insomanic Game Launches 2024

  1. Spider-Man 2 – 2023
  2. Spider-Man 2 Online – 2024 (Multiplayer 1.0)
  3. Marvel’s Wolverine – 2025
  4. Marvel’s Wolverine Online – 2026 (Multiplayer 2.0)
  5. Spider-Man 3 – 2027
  6. Marvel’s X-Men Online – 2028 (Multiplayer 3.0)
  7. Marvel’s X-Men – 2029

Among the above-listed games, Spider-Man 2 was released on PS5 in Oct 2023. The next big news about this game is its online version. Based on various speculations, the Online Mode will have a Co-op Multiplayer mode allowing different players to participate in common events. Players will have the option to customize their characters, we assume there will be a new version of Spider-Man added to the Lobby allowing players to enter into the madness with unique style, combat mechanism, and upgrades.

Following the launch late in 2026 we will see Marvel’s Wolverine Online mode, which can be a part of DLC allowing players to explore the X-Men’s universe. Based on the leaked image, Insomniac plans to release Marvel’s X-Men Online version before the base game. Not seen before, this decision can be a possibility in the future when we are expecting to see a Multiverse version of these games. Where the story might connect at some point.

As yet there is no official info about these releases, but we can expect some info pouring out during the online version of Spider-Man 2. Marked as Multiplayer 1.0 in a secret leaked image, there can be more enhancement, new content, events, etc to be part of the online mode.

We are also trying to track down details related to Micro-Transactions, which are usually introduced in the form of BattlePass or Cosmetic items. We will be updating you regarding soon. Till now do check our News section for more updates on upcoming games and hardware.