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Starfield Will Be at E3 2021 But Won’t Release Soon, Insider Says

According to statements on Twitter by several insiders, we are talking about Jason Schreier, Tom Warren and Jeff Grubb in particular, it seems that Starfield will be reportedly presented at E3 2021, but the release date is indicated as even “way later than most people expect.”

Several rumors have recently indicated Starfield as one of the games that will be presented at E3 2021 during the Xbox conference, and the rumors of well-known journalists seem to confirm this, although it is likely that following a possible gameplay we will have a window launching anything but precise.

Just today, it was confirmed through an interview that Bethesda and Xbox will unite for E3 2021 in a single conference, which promises to be quite crackling given the many rumors of recent days.

Below is Jason Schreier’s official statement regarding the presence of Starfield at E3 2021 and the state of play on the game, with Tom Warren’s response as well.

Speaking on the matter after being called into question by a user, Jeff Grubb also had his say on the matter, here is his Tweet.

Although these are particularly reliable rumors, we look forward to official communications from the Xbox division, which could at this point arrive directly on the occasion of E3 2021.