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Elden Ring Release Date Could Be Announced at E3 2021, Insider Hints

The well-known insider Omnipotent may have rekindled hopes of seeing Elden Ring at E3 2021 with a mysterious photo posted on ResetEra.

Although new official information on Elden Ring is slow to arrive, there are numerous rumors regarding the new title made by FromSoftware. Among the most well-known insiders, especially on the ResetEra forum, Omnipotent stands out, who today could have anticipated the presence of Elden Ring at E3 2021 with a cryptic photo.

In fact, the photo at the bottom of this article shows three clearly distinguishable elements, with a possible fourth clue in the background, and reads: “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.”

The information provided is really cryptic, but even if it has recently emerged that Elden Ring may not be present at E3 2021, as stated by journalist and insider Jeff Grubb, it seems that we will be able to get an announcement of the release date of the game sooner than we think.

The image shows an image of Solaire of Astora, a well-known character from the Dark Souls universe, the words “Humanity Restored” from the same world, and a clearly visible Elden Ring logo.

While the doubt remains about what the background means, as this portrays a sort of cage, it could actually be an anticipation related to more projects, such as Dark Souls 4, but it is almost certain that the insider wanted to aim to the new FromSoftware game with the photo.

We are currently awaiting further information on the game, which unfortunately has been in short supply for years, although it is confirmed that the software house is still working on the project.