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Call of Duty: Next Chapter Will Return To World War II?

Among the various series of video games with the annual release, in addition of course to the usual FIFA, the most successful all over the world always remains Call of Duty, which every year manages to surprise players thanks to its enormous success both in terms of sales and in terms of users connected at the same time, surpassing each year every year.

After the excellent Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, fans have begun to wonder where the next chapter will be set. According to Victor__Z, a well-known leaker and insider of this series of games, in 2021 the title will return to fight in World War II, which can be easily deduced thanks to his recent posts on his Twitter profile.

The locations and settings have always been one of the key elements that differentiate one title in this series from the other, so the curiosity about finding out where the developers will travel in the next chapter every year is always great, and thanks to this precious information we can know already well in advance where we will travel in the next Call of Duty.

According to Victor__Z, in 2021 Activision will bring its flagship shooter to a setting already well known to fans of the series, who have already played many times during World War II (especially thanks to the recent Call of Duty: WW2 released in 2017), but this time the locations will abandon the usual battlefields located in Europe, embracing a setting based mainly on naval battles of the Pacific Ocean.

Finally, according to what the leaker reports, the title will not be developed by Treyarch, but by Sledgehammer Games, as the emoji in the tweet at the bottom of the news refers to.

For the moment none of this is official and should be taken with a grain of salt, but if these leaks prove true then fans of the series will have to prepare to return once again to the 40s, in a setting not yet fully explored according to the American publisher.