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Best Shooter Games Of 2023

Here's our recommendations for the best Shooter games of 2023.

2023 has been one of the greatest years for plentiful anticipated and iconic game releases. While it didn’t leave much scope for first or third-person games, some were pretty exceptional. Be it a military-focused FPS game or a soulslike and third-person hybrid game, shooter games allow you to play it with your friends. For that reason alone, this genre will always thrive for many years to come.

With the year coming to an end, here are the best shooter games of 2023. This list covers the best FPS and third-person titles for this year that you shouldn’t miss out on. So, here’s all you need to know.

Best Shooter Games of 2023

Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike franchise has been a pinnacle of FPS shooter games over the years. Being known for its massive player base and eSport scenes, the improved CS is a worthy FPS title of this year. With the arrival of Counter-Strike 2, many new key features have been added to the game. These include new ranked modes, maps, and weapons alongside new physics and mechanics.

Although it’s like a home ground for veteran players, beginners can also try out this polished FPS shooter game. If you’ve played CSGO, it will be easy to make the transition into CS2.

Counter Strike 2 best shooter games 2023
Image Source – Steam

Atomic Heart

The Atomic Heart has been the whackiest shooter game of this year for me. If you’re unfamiliar with this game, it’s like the BioShock series with tons of humor and uncanny action. While we won’t spoil much of the game, it takes place in an alternate timeline of the Soviet Union in the year 1955.

Its narrative might feel a bit off at times but Atomic Heart balances it out with its combat mechanics and gameplay. So, if you’re into funny one-liners and offensive humor, Atomic Heart might be a perfect match.

best shooter games 2023 atomic heart
Image Source: Steam

Remnant 2

Being a hybrid of shooter and Soulslike games, Remnant 2 is a massive upgrade from its predecessor. As you progress with this game, it features an engaging storyline with responsive combat. It excels when it comes down to creating various builds and gunplay.

Despite being a coop game, you can play Remnant II solo. However, the bosses are easier to defeat in groups rather than alone. So, we highly recommend playing this game if you are looking for a soulslike experience with your friends.

best shooter games remnant 2
Image Credits: Steam

That’s everything covered about the best shooter games of 2023. If you enjoyed reading this, check out the list of the best roleplaying games, and the best performing Steam Games, and explore more News and Gaming-related content on our dedicated section right here on Technclub.