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The New Anti-Stalking Safety Feature By Google – Will Help Track Unknown AirTags on Android

The new anti-stalking safety feature by Google is rolled out to track the unknown Bluetooth trackers including AirTags on your Android Devices.

Google has introduced a new anti-stalking safety feature for tracking unknown AirTags and trackers for Android users. This feature was first introduced at the Google I/O 2023 as Unknown Tracker Alerts. This feature will allow you to track the unknown trackers connected to your device, including AirTags and you can even help someone to find their lost AirTag. Let us know more about the anti-stalking feature in detail.

Google’s New Anti-Stalking Safety Feature Will Help Track Android User’s Unknown Trackers, Including AirTags

Google's Anti-Stalking Feature

The Unknown Tracker Alert feature by Google alerts Android users about any unknown Bluetooth tracker or AirTag near their device. Android users will get an alert on their devices whenever an unknown Bluetooth tracker gets connected. From the alert notification, one can open the map tracker where the last seen location of the tracker will be visible. Along with this, there is a “Play Sound” button, that will allow you to ring the tracker and then find it using the voice. The major concern of the feature is to stop the misuse of trackers, especially AirTags.

After the tracker gets detected, the system will provide you with device information like the serial number or the owner’s mobile number’s last four digits. Also, there will be instructions to manually disable the AirTag or the Bluetooth tracker. Furthermore, if your Android device is compatible, there is a manual scan feature that you can find in the Safety and Emergency section in the Settings App.

In the initial stage, the feature works only with AirTags. Google is working on the feature of detecting other Bluetooth trackers too, like Tile. This feature by Google solves the major problem of AirTags. When AirTags was launched, there were many safety issues and Apple had to introduce many anti-stalking functions for AirTags.

AirTags were able to detected by nearby Apple devices, but Android users could not detect if any unknown AirTag was connected to their devices. They had to download a separate app, Tracker Detect, to detect the AirTags nearby. This has been a major concern for Android users for two years. But, now this new feature by Google will solve the issue. Users can now track the AirTags without the use of any App.

Both Apple and Google have taken a joint initiative to provide safety to their users. Thus, Android users can now track AirTags and other Bluetooth trackers by using Google’s anti-stalking feature and maintaining their safety. For more such news, you can read from – iPhone 15 Skin Color Leaks or PS Plus Extra and Premium Free Games for July 2023 Revealed