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How To Unlock Your iPhone With Apple Watch, While Wearing Face Mask

Guide for how to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch feature given by new IOS 14.5 update on Apple, even if you are wearing face mask.

Due to the Pandemic crisis Face Mask is a necessity today. It is a savior and people who are using their face to unlock the iPhone will face some issues. Due to the mask, the iPhone camera is unable to identify your face and cannot unlock the device. But there is a way to unlock iPhone while wearing a face mask. This is done via Apple Watch, a recent iOS update has this feature added. Keep reading to learn about how to enable iPhone unlocking while wearing Face Mask.

To Unlock iPhone With Apple Watch You Must Have:

how to unlock iphone if you are wearing face mask

  1. iPhone with Face Id feature and IOS 14.5 (Try with iPhone X or Later)
  2. Apple Watch Series 3 or Later
  3. Apple watch with OS 7.4 or Later
  4. Your iPhone’s and Apple Watch’s Bluetooth and Wifi should be turned ON
  5. Turn on your apple watch’s wrist detection and it should have a safe passcode

These are some basic requirements and devices which will support unlocking your iPhone with your Apple watch. Now head towards the setup part of unlocking the iPhone.

Setup To Unlock Your iPhone with Apple Watch

If you have all the requirements as per mentioned above, then check these steps for unlocking your iPhone with an apple watch even if you are wearing a face mask.

Step 1 – Open the settings app of your iPhone with IOS 14.5

how to unlock iphone if you are wearing face mask

Step 2 – Select the Face Id & Passcode option

Step 3 – Then type your iPhone’s passcode

how to unlock iphone if you are wearing face mask

Step 4 – Now scroll down till you find “Unlock With Apple Watch” and now turn ON the toggle in front of this feature. If you haven’t enabled your wrist detection feature then turn it ON. By chance, if you noticed that you can’t enable your Unlock With Apple Watch feature, this means you haven’t updated your iPhone to IOS 14.5

Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

how to unlock iphone with apple watch

This is how you can unlock the iPhone using your Apple watch. You can also lock your phone through the amazing device.

  • Tap on your Apple Watch and enter your passcode
  • Then Unlock your iPhone

The passcode is a must to enter whenever you remove and wear your wrist apple watch for the whole 24 hours. Sometimes it seems boring to enter a passcode again and again but it is for your security reasons. What a great feature Apple has updated, there are still many  IOS 14.5 features that Apple has updated in this new IOS version. Check these new IOS 14.5 Features