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What Is Remarkable In New IOS 14.5.1 Update? – All Details About IOS 14.5.1 Features

Check what are the new features you will get in recent update of IOS 14.5.1.

On 3rd May 2021 IOS released its 14.5.1 version update for all the IOS users. There are very cool and surprising features you will witness in this new update. Apple has made changes in some applications, they are upgraded and even some new features are added. Check what updates you will see in this IOS 14.5.1 version.

Features List Of New IOS 14.5 Update

Apple has upgraded some old features and added some extra features too. These updates are the biggest updates that Apple has ever made for iPhone, iPad, and apple watch. Introducing all its IOS 14.5 new features.

Dual –  SIM with 5G connectivity

Now the iOS model will have 5G network connectivity for both the sim cards. For T-Mobile, users have added a feature named standalone 5G network. This standalone 5G network allows the support even for the LTE network. There is a noticeable change for T-Mobile users after installing the new update.

Now Unlock iPhone with Apple watch

This newly added feature in the recent update of IOS 14.5. Allows you to unlock your iPhone still if you are wearing a face mask. Apple watches with OS 7.4 have this feature named “Unlock With Apple Watch”  If your phone is not near your watch range then the iPhone will not unlock. This feature is very useful in this pandemic, where you don’t have to pull your mask down to unlock your iPhone.

IOS new emoji Characters

IOS 14.5 update has worked on the minute details, one of them is the emojis characters. Now you will see an emoji between clouds, a man climbing the rock is given a helmet, heart with fire, heart with bandages, emoji with spiral eyes, some emojis with beards and long hair. Couple kissing with different skin tones, a new injection, and Airpod max headphones.

ETA for Walking and Cycling

According to the new update, one person can get an estimated time of arrival. Just by choosing the mode of travel. You can even ask Siri to share your traveling record with anyone you want. If you wish you can do it manually just by tapping on the route card.


Apple Map application has a new feature from this update and that is crowdsourcing. This feature tells you about the accident, hazard, speed checks, and many more. By tapping on the report button you can enable all the coming obstacles between you and your destination route.

Airtags for iPhone Models

From the latest update of IOS 14.5, you have unlocked more ways to find your lost item. With the help of this UI chip. This Airtag feature makes your search for the lost item even faster. By enabling the Find My network option and you will get connected to nearby any Apple device which is closer to your lost item.

Tracking App

Now it depends upon you whether you want the developers to track your app, or you can stop them by tracking the app. This is the biggest update we can get from IOS 14.5, which has thrown light on our privacy. They have added a transparency feature between the trackers and us. Now you will get popups regarding stopping applications from tracking some information.

Siri is Updated

Now Siri not only gives you the information from the browser but also prompts you about who’s call you are receiving on your Apple Phone. Even Siri’s voice is been changed.

Updated Apps.

  • Even there is a change in the Reminder application, you can sort your reminders by the due date, creation date, priority.
  • The other application is the News app which has added a new feature name “for you” so, you can surf the browser easily.

Console Controller

The devices like Apple TV, iPad, iPhone with the recent update of OS 14.5 have console support. You can play games with the new PS5 dual sense and Xbox X controllers.

The latest IOS update is very impressive as we saw in the above features. So, hurry up and update to the latest version of IOS 14.5.1.