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Best Widgets for iPhone 13 (2022)

Here are the best Widgets for iPhone in 2022. Download the apps now, including Widgetsmith, Google, Post-It, Spotify and more.

After the release of iOS 14, Apple has allowed iPhone users to integrate widgets into their home screen, similar to Android which has been offering it for years. The widgets generally provide quick access to the functions needed to open an application provided by Apple or third-party applications. Others display information such as weather or news widgets. In this article, we will present the best widgets for iPhone 13, check the complete list below.

Best Widgets for iPhone 13 (2022)

While Apple integrates its own widgets with its applications, many of the applications available in the App Store are available to the user with widgets. These widgets can provide information and direct access to some of the most popular iPhone features, including email, news, calendar, and web browsing. Here are some of the best widgets you can add to your iPhone 13 home screens.

1. Widgetsmith

best widgets for iphone widgetsmith

If you are a fan of 100% custom and customizable widgets, the Widgetsmith application is for you. It allows you to create your widget from A to Z, from printer to color, including the information displayed. Widgetsmith also lets iPhone user to make their own widgets themselves. In addition, you can also make changes to the font of the widget, and also the color and its outline.

2. Google


The most popular search engine in the world also offers a widget. Most of the Google app features include voice search, search bar, private browsing, and Google Lens. It is sad to see that Safari does not have its own widget, which would be greatly appreciated.

3. Post-it


This is probably the simplest widget, but very useful. From the official use of the Post-it brand, it provides a widget to display post-its that usually stick to your fridge on your iPhone home screen. To go even further in terms of functionality, the app allows you to scan post-its in real life to register in the app.

4. Spotify

best widgets for iphone spotify

Very simple in its construction, the Spotify widget allows you to quickly access recently listened to or overheard music. When a widget is added to your home screen, tap your song, the app will open and the music you tap will play automatically. One of the great advantages of Spotify is that you don’t need a subscription to access the widgets.

5. Battery

best widgets for iphone battery

Of course, this is not a third-party application widget, but a widget designed specifically by Apple. However, we can only recognize that this is one of the most useful widgets available by default on the iPhone. At a glance, Battery shows the percentage of battery remaining in your iPhone and devices connected via Bluetooth, regardless of whether they are running or not.

That is all you need to know about the best widgets for iPhone 13 in 2022. In the meanwhile, do check out other guides like Best Pokemon Go Spoofer on IOS 15, or Best YouTube Downloader for IOS 15 devices.