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Best Pokemon Go Spoofer on iOS 15 (2023)

What is the best spoofing app for Pokemon Go on iOS 15? Check here the best Pokemon Go spoofer application on iOS right now.

There is no doubt that the Pokemon Go game quickly became the most addictive game for many players. But in any case, catching all Pokemon by following the rules is not always possible. And that is where all kinds of ideas come to mind on how to cheat in Pokemon Go and change its geolocation so that you can catch as many Pokemon as possible. Today, in this guide, I will talk about the best Pokemon Go spoofer on your iOS 15.

Keep in mind that while it is not illegal to hide your location, Pokemon Go may prohibit you from using its app, and can eventually ban you for a lifetime. So, do it at your own risk.

Which is the best Pokemon Go Spoofer application on iOS 15 (2023)

best pokemon go spoofers ios 15

In this tutorial, I am going to reveal some secret spoofing applications for Pokemon Go on iOS: iMyFone AnyTo and iToolPaw iGPSGo. These applications are not confined to only the Pokemon Go games, it also allows you to change the location of your iPhone and iPad to hide your geolocation data on social networks.

In addition, you can use the same apps to simulate a trip with the personalized route to avoid being tracked or to access specific features and services on location-based applications.

Get the iGPSGo Pokémon Go Spoofer iOS 17 without getting banned.

iGPSGo Features:

  • Joystick Mode
  • Custom Movement Speeds
  • Teleport Mode
  • GPX Route

How to Spoof Pokemon Go GPS Location with iGPSGo

  1. Download: Visit the official iGPSGo website to download the app.
  2. Installation: Follow the installation process and launch the app.
  3. Connect iPhone to PC: Connect your iPhone to PC with usb cable.
  4. Search Location and Teleport: Search any location you want to teleport and click Go button. Follow the Pokemon Go cool down timer after teleport to new location.

Why do you use a spoofing application?

Well, the Pokemon Go game works on the principles of augmented reality in which you have to search for and catch Pokemon, which means that you have to actually move around to visit as many places as possible.

So, if you want to achieve your goal, you can simply change the location on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 15, thus tricking the game of Pokemon Go. This way you will be able to catch Pokemons all over the town without leaving your home.

In any case, the development studio of the game, Niantic, has applied a number of protections. However, there is still a method for iPhone, which can change the geolocation data in Pokemon Go. Here’s how to change your location on your iPhone with iMyFone AnyTo.

How to change GPS position on iPhone and iPad

  • First, download the iMyFone AnyTo application from its official website and install it on your PC.
  • Launch the software and then connect your iPhone or iPad with iOS 15 with a USB cable to your computer.
    1. Validate the trust message on your device as soon as you are prompted to do so.
  • After that, enter your access code to complete the process.
  • Once the map is loaded, you will then be able to see your real position (where you are now).
  • Now by selecting the third button at the top right, you can now change geolocation or enter the coordinates of the desired address.
  • Click on the Move button and your geolocation will be automatically modified on your iPhone.
  • You must provide the same location for both applications to prevent Pokemon Go servers from detecting that you are using spoofing technology and blocking your access to the game.
  • Open Pokemon Go and catch them all.

And that is everything you need to know about the best Pokemon Go spoofer on iOS 15. While you are here, do not forget to check out how to get the Heart Icon on iOS 15, and which iPhones can run the iOS 15 operating system.