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6 Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Music, Podcast & Gaming

Here is a small list of 6 best Bluetooth earbuds that offers great voice quality, decent battery life and some advance features.

Wireless Earbuds are commonly available in different price ranges.  Whether you have an iPhone or Android, the features like sound quality, microphone, Bluetooth connectivity, safety, and everything should be kept in mind. Some of you might require them to fit in comfortably during a heavy workout session while some may be looking for decent voice quality. The list will have affordable as well as expensive Ear Buds, including Apple AirPods. The goal of this article is to provide quality earbuds with all necessary features.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds 2023

Below are our six best picks for Earbuds. Some of them are heavy on the pocket but come with durable designs, advanced gestures, noise cancellation, and a lot more.

Best Earbuds For iOS – Apple AirPods Pro 2

Airpods Pro 2 Earbuds

The 2nd generation Apple AirPods Pro has major developments in the battery and ANC (Active Noise Cancellation). They fit the best with your iPhone and come with IPX4 water resistance, meaning that they are not completely waterproof. The battery lasts up to 6 hours when in ANC mode. The case comes with a voice alert in case you forget it somewhere. You can also find AirPods Pro using Find My app on the iPhone. To date, AirPods Pro is the best wireless Earbuds for Apple devices.

Best Earbuds For Android – Sony WF 1000 XM4

Sony WF 1000 XM4

The best earbuds that you can have with your Android depend on various factors and the purpose of use. The Sony WF 1000 XM4 is the best pick from all the other options to look from. Though they might be a good fit in ANC and battery life, the IPX 4 water resistance does not make it fully waterproof. They come with multi-point connectivity which makes them connected to two different devices at a time. Also, they have good sound quality, better microphones, good noise cancellation, and a light body.

Best In Active Noise Cancellation – Bose QC Earbuds 2

Bose Earbuds

If you are looking for the best noise-cancellation buds then have a look at Bose QC Earbuds 2. According to the industry standards they have the best ANC technology. Also, they are mall and comfortable to fit in. The Bose app makes it easier to make sound changes according to the requirement. Also, the earbuds come with advanced Bluetooth technology and a long-lasting battery even in the ANC mode.

Best For Workouts – Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro

The design of Beats Fit Pro makes it a good earbud for gym usage. With wing tips, they remain intact and do not fall even during heavy workouts and runs. Also, they come with Active Noise Cancellation and good sound quality. For iPhone users the Earbuds come with auto-device switching, and the Find My feature. For Android, it has an app to change the settings for sound and ANC as and when required.

Best WaterProof – B&O Beoplay EX

B&O Beoplay EX

The only earbuds to offer complete water resistance that can also be used while diving, or swimming. B&O’s BeoPlay EX comes with an I57 water resistance rating. The earbuds also offer good sound quality, a light body, and a great look, with active noise cancellation, and advanced Bluetooth connectivity to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Best Overall – Sennheiser MTW 3


The Sennheiser MTW 3 stands out in the list with overall best qualities. It has all the features that you see for an earbud except for the full waterproof. It comes with top ANC, great build quality, good sound, microphone quality, 7 hours of playback, and more. Also, it has optional wing tips to be used while you hit the gym and an app for Android to make the required EQ changes.

This was our list of the best 6 earbuds that you can get with wireless Bluetooth connectivity. From giving the best for workouts to the best day to usage, these listed Earbuds can help in many ways. If you are a gamer and need help with the best gaming earbuds, check our guide on – Best Gaming Earbuds With Mic – 2023 Guide.