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Best Gaming Earbuds With Mic – 2023 Guide

Gaming earbuds brings extra features like deep bass, stylish look, upgraded sound quality, etc. Here is a short list of best gaming earbuds you can buy in 2023.

Groove with the best gaming earbuds that will take you to another level. Their amazing sound quality, ANC, powerful wireless Bluetooth connection, deep bass, and stylish design are some of the outstanding features that these come with. Here are the top 3 gaming earbuds that will not only provide you with a comfortable and secure fit but also enhance your gaming experience through the best inbuild microphone and amazing sound quality.

Top 3 Gaming Earbuds with Mic in 2023

1. Razer Hammerhead Generation 2 True Wireless- Best Overall Pick

Best Gaming Earbuds Razer Hammerhead

Razer Hammerhead Gen 2 is an all-rounder when it comes to gaming earbuds. They are comfortable, stylish, and secure thereby providing an enriching gaming experience. The silicon earbud sleeves in your ear with top-notch sound quality provide just what any gamer is looking for. The additional ear tips will give you the chance to choose your perfect fit. Some of its intriguing features are:

  • Get 16.8 million customizable colors to suit your style.
  • Their custom-tuned 10mm drivers ensure amazing sound quality with deep bass and every ounce of clarity.
  • The Active Noise Cancellation feature eliminates all unwanted distraction
  • On activating the 60ms Low Latency gaming mode, you won’t experience any lags.
  • This comes with an excellent microphone that eliminates background noise ensuring smooth communication.
  • A decent battery life of up to 4.5 hrs. on a single charge with ANC on. The charging case can recharge up to 4 times. This amounts to a total of 22 hours of listening time.
  • Razer Audio App can be downloaded on your mobile. You can adjust the Razer Chroma RGB settings, customize the EQ, remap touch gestures, and get access to the updates from time to time.
  • A strong and stable connection is established with its 5.2 Bluetooth that uses the AAC codec resulting in high sound quality.

If you’re looking for premium gaming earbuds, then Razer Hammerhead Gen 2 True Wireless is your pick. Buy this for $125.65 on Amazon.

2. Soundcore VR P10 Wireless

Soundcore VR P10 Best Gaming Earbuds

Have an extensive VR experience with Soundcore VR P10 which is made for Meta Quest 2. Here are some of its features:

  • This is compatible with all platforms.
  • Establish dual connection with Bluetooth and USB-C dongle connection simultaneously. You can hook the dongle to your phone and the headset at the same time. Answer calls without needing to pause your play.
  • Enjoy your gaming with Ultra-low latency of under the 30s and its 11mm drivers that deliver crisp, clear, and high bass audio. In other words, you’ll be able to hear every single detail in the game.
  • It combines a custom chipset with LC3 codec and a high-speed 2.4GHz wireless connection ensuring high performance.
  • You can now receive audio from two devices simultaneously due to the dual audio connection feature that these earbuds come with.
  • It has a great 6 Hrs. of battery life on a single charge and 24 Hrs. total time with the charging case.
  • You can plug into your Meta Quest 2 USB-C port to charge while you play to prevent low battery.
  • You can now switch between gaming platforms easily using Soundcore app and dongle to make the switch.
  • The Soundcore App has a feature that will help you track your earbuds in case you misplace them.

So if you’re looking for a high sound quality VR gaming experience via Meta Quest 2 then Soundcore VR P10 wireless are the best earbuds that you can get for $79.00 on Amazon.

3. ASUS ROG Cetra True Wireless

ASUS ROG Cetra Best Gaming Earbuds

ASUS ROG Cetra True Wireless is known for its outstanding features:

  • 10mm ASUS essence drivers ensure deep and rich bass perfect for explosions and gunfires in the game. You can even hear enemy footsteps which will help you improve your potential in the game.
  • ANC enables clear audio eliminating background noise. You can enable or switch to the ambient noise mode too.
  • A great built-in microphone that delivers a clear voice.
  • Manage and adjust the synchronization of audio and video for competitive gaming.
  • 4.8 Hrs. of battery life with ANC and 5.5 Hrs. without it. Get a total of up to 27 hours with the charging case.
  • IPX4 Water resistance makes this a great workout buddy and you can roam fearlessly in the rain.
  • USB-C Connector provides Multi-Platform support for mobiles, PCs, Macs, PS5s, and Nintendo Switch.

Fall in love with its ergonomic design and the 3 sizes of silicon ear tips,3 ear fins, and a pair of foam tips that this comes with. Get this comfortable and secure fit Earbuds on Amazon for around $332.72.

So this was the list of best earbuds, which comes in a small form factor. If you are looking for full-size headphones then you can check our guide on the best 2023 gaming headphones. The article provides a list of the four best headphones for gamers.