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AirTag 2 Release Date, Features & Price

AirTag sales has boosted in past few years, this would lead to a new version of AirTag that will be bring more features. Here are some details on upcoming AirTag 2.

Apple AirTag 2 is the next version of AirTag that is rumored to be in development. Due to the rise of AirTag’s popularity, Apple can be in the plan to bring a better version of this interesting tracking device. There are no major changes or development in this sector in the past few years. AirTag was first launched on April 30, 2021. After its release, Apple has already shipped approx 20 Million AirTags and 35 million in the later year. This shows strong sales of the tracker device. Now the question when is does Apple plan to release AirTag2? What is new in AirTag 2? Here are some details based on various news sources.

AirTag 2 Upcoming Features:

AirTag 2

AirTag is used for tracking down personal belongings. The best example is fixing AirTag on a suitcase, which lets a user track their luggage during long trips. New AirTag will focus more on the designed part. Making it more convenient to hook it up with luggage, keys, etc. It is a tiny device that is easy to lose. Apple can work on this issue and provides features where AirTags can retrieve faster than before. Or there could be some beeping sound added, allowing users to track it faster. Here is a list of all rumored features that AirTag 2 can have in the future.

  • LED Light, so that users can easily locate AirTags in the dark.
  • New improved design with holes or notches.
  • More durability and liquid resistance features.
  • Better Anti-trackings feature for unknown AirTags.
  • AirTags 2 can come with an in-built GPS Tracker.
  • AirTags 2 could have Celluar connectivity.
  • New AirTags may not track unknown users, it will be locked to the owner only.
  • Easy location sharing can be a part of new AirTags.
  • Apple can plan to ditch the round design, and bring new AirTags in multiple shapes.

The current version of AirTags works on Bluetooth tech. It can ping its location to the nearest iPhone user and it can then transmit the signal to Apple Cloud. In general, AirTag does not really shares its own location, it pings the location of any iPhone nearby whose Bluetooth is on. So technically AirTags are not GPS trackers, they are more like beacon devices that ping their location to nearby phones. It is then synced to Apple Cloud, and the owner of AirTag can view where it was last seen. This actually limits AirTags usage and can make their tracking tough. AirTags can only be effective in areas where there are lots of iPhone users.

In New AirTag, Apple can bring some tech to overcome this limitation. It can be a more independent device that can help users to track more than just luggage. Also retrieving a lost AirTag is challenging because the onboard speaker does not beep loud. what if there can be a LED light on it that can blink in the dark, this can make its retrieval much easier.

AirTag 2 Release Date & Price:

AirTags 2 does not have any release date yet, because the product is not announced. A few rumors also claimed that the new AirTag will have a subscription service. This will allow users to unlock more tracking features. Otherwise, the free one will work as a regular AirTag. Major concern lies with the privacy of users, AirTags have been misused to track down unknown users. There were many reports in part along with a few lawsuits by users who were tracked using AirTags. It can become a device of privacy concern, because of which Apple might be less interested to focus on AirTags 2 or 3. What if gets permanently banned due to privacy concerns?

Officially Apple has not confirmed anything about AirTag 2. During the recent WWDC 2023 Event, there was nothing about the tracker device. Apple focused more on new Mac models, OS updates, and its exclusive VR device Vision Pro. We will be updating you more about AirTags 2 in the near future when there are updates on it. Till then you can also check our article on how Best AirTag Uses, to know more about the current version. And also check out one more article on AirTags Alternative, if you want to know more about tracking devices built for Android platforms.