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Best AirTag Uses You Have to Try

In this article, we have listed down the best AirTag uses you should try, for example, using it as a baggage tracker or for pet detection, etc.

The Apple iPhone maker from Cupertino has released a few widely applicable trackers with Bluetooth, NFC, and ultra-wideband, called AirTags. However, one or the other may wonder what these little tracking chips are for. There are quite a few practical use cases for Apple’s AirTags. Of course, the keys to the car and the bike are included, but also a few other options that can help you in everyday life, on vacation, and at home. So, do you want to know about another example of your AirTag usage? Well, in this article, you can check out the best AirTag uses you need to try for yourself.

Best AirTag Uses You Have to Try (2023)

best AirTag uses

Even though the car key is already a classic among Apple AirTags users, below you will find more usage for this tracker, for example from tape measuring to motion detection and more.

1. Track stolen Cars/Bikes/Drones with Apple AirTags

From bicycles to electric scooters to cars, there are different vehicles you can own. But these are not only attractive for you, but also for those who want to acquire them as soon as possible. If you have an AirTag attached to or in the vehicle, it will be easier to find. Trackers are easy to spot, especially on bicycles, mopeds, scooters, or the like. One possibility could therefore be to obviously attach an AirTag (or a dummy AirTag) to the bike so that you can feel safe from thieves. You can also place one the drone to get an exact location incase you lost. It is an expensive piece of gadget, loosing it is heart-breaking.

2. Baggage tracker

AirTags are also very popular while carrying baggage in transport. It is not uncommon, at the airport, not to see your suitcase on the conveyor belt after landing. Sometimes the airline finds the baggage, but sometimes not. It is in this very specific case that the AirTag is essential, in order to be able to transmit your position yourself at the airport. But be careful in such cases, thefts are also spotted.

3. To avoid losing the remote control or the keys

We no longer count the times when we misplace everyday objects such as our keys, the remote control, or our wallet. Fortunately, by hiding an AirTag there with dedicated accessories, it is then easy to find them quickly and make them ring. A small speaker is indeed integrated into each beacon and, from the Find My app, it is possible to activate it remotely, as long as Bluetooth is within range.

4. Pet detector

Cats that are accustomed to a particular household will return to the same place again and again. Dogs are usually guarded so that you can walk together. But maybe you live in the countryside, near a forest, or somewhere else where the vastness of the landscape invites animals to wander. So if you have the option of being away longer, an AirTag might be worth it. Adding a tracker on your pet’s collar or harness will help you find them in this case for sure.

5. Place It in Your Kids Bag

Worried that your kids may disappear from the park? Just attach one of the clothes keyrings or anywhere that does not disturb the child while playing. Sit back and enjoy the sunset. But one important thing, there is a limitation in terms of AirTag’s tracking range. Check our guide on how far can AirTag track to know more. It runs on Bluetooth 5.0 technology and can be limited due to range, so keeping an eye on a child is also necessary.

6. AirTag Alternative for Android Smartphones

Finding AirTag’s expensive, or if you are an Android user and looking for a similar device then check this guide. Best AirTag Alternatives GPS Tracker Devices, in this article you can find similar gadgets that work with both Android and iOS. They are waterproof and can fit well into keychain form factors. Also, some of the gadgets are affordable but can be limited with features.

That is everything you need to know about the best AirTag uses you can try. While you are here, you might be also interested to know about the Best AirTag Keychain You Can Buy, and the Best Place to Keep AirTag.