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How to Take Screenshot/SS on New MacBook Air 2021

Here's a step by step guide on how to take screenshot in MacBook Air 2021. Check the 3 different ways to take screenshot on a Mac.

Are you wondering how to take a screenshot on the new MacBook Air 2021? You have come to the right place, as in this article we will see the different options for taking screenshots on macOS. By taking screenshots of your screen, you will be able to share your work quite easily with others. There are also handy keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots on your Mac. Find out how to take SS on your Apple MacBook Air 2021 here.

How to Take Screenshot/SS on New MacBook Air 2021

take ss on new macbook air 2021

There are various options for taking different types of screenshots on a Mac (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, etc.) If you have installed the latest version of the operating system, the screenshot tool has an intuitive interface that offers different capture options. Follow the best method that suits you and record the screen as an image or video capture.

Method 1: How to capture the entire screen on the new MacBook Air 2021

  • On your MacBook Air 2021, you need to press Shift+Command+3 keys together on the keyboard.
  • The screen capture will then appear in the corner of your screen, simply click the thumbnail to edit the screenshot.
  • On the other hand, the screenshot will be automatically saved on your desktop as well after a few seconds.

Method 2: How to screenshot a window on your Mac?

To capture a specific window of the screen, you can use the following keyboard shortcut:

  • Press Shift+Command+4 keys together on your keyboard.
  • After that, press the space bar, which turns your mouse into a camera.
  • Now, click on the window you want to take a screenshot using the camera.
  • The screenshot will then appear on your desktop.

Method 3: How to take screenshots of a portion of the screen on Mac?

To screenshot a portion of your screen on the new MacBook Air 2021, follow the steps given below for the keyboard shortcut.

  • Press Shift+Command+4 keys together on your keyboard.
  • You can see that the mouse will then turn into a cross pointer.
  • Hold the left mouse button down where you want to start the selection and drag the cross pointer across the screen.
  • At the end of the selection, release the left mouse button.
  • You will then be able to see the screenshot on your desktop.

That is all you need to know about how to take screenshots in the new MacBook Air 2021. If you are interested in getting the latest information about MacBook Pro, check out our other guides on how to factory reset MacBook Pro, or how to pair AirPods to MacBook, etc.