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Download Canon Pixma E470 Setup Software – Reset Wifi Settings, Install Printer Driver & More

Want to connect the printer to Router or want to know how to reset its wifi settings then read this guide.

Here is Canon Pixma E470 Setup Software for Windows 10 PC. The setup software will help you to configure important printer settings. For example, connecting the printer for the first time on a Wifi network or changing its wifi settings. Without Pixma E470 setup software it is a little tricky to configure the printer settings. From this article, you can download the “E470 series Full Driver & Software Package”. It comes with Pixma E470 official Windows 10 drivers and associated software.

Download Canon Pixma E470 Setup Software

Canon Pixma E470 PC Setup Software

There are two links below. The first one is the direct download link for E470 Printer Setup Software. The second one is the Canon site link of the first is not working. Just visit the link and click on the red download button.

Use the first link to download the complete software package instantly. If it’s not working then click the second link and visit the Canon site. You can click on Search to find your product model if it’s different from E470. It is the default Canon support site where you can find drivers for all models.

After downloading the software there are two ways to connect Pixma E470 to a PC. First via USB cable and second via Wifi. To help you more we have a detailed guide on how to set up Canon Pixma E470 on Wifi. Refer to the link to find out how you can connect the printer to the router. Through this method, you can share the printer with people on a common wifi network. No need to connect it to a single pc, just hook it on the router and everyone can use it.

There is one more guide if you do not want the router on the LAN network. Refer to our guide on how to use the Canon Pixma E470 Wifi-Direct feature. You can use the Wifi-Direct feature to printer directly from a Laptop or from a Smartphone or Tablet. It is done via a simple app.