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How to Setup Canon Pixma E470 on Wifi?

Want to reset Pixma E470 wifi settings, or change the wifi connection then read this guide.

Canon PIXMA E470 supports Wifi and Wireless Direct printing. Both are two different ways of using the printer. I will explain to you in detail what these two options are and how to use them. If you are looking for how to reset Canon E470 wifi settings or change PIXMA E470 Wifi settings or how to connect Canon E470 to your Wireless router then keep reading. There are some basic things you will have to follow before we start setting up the printer.

You can connect Canon PIXMA E470 to Wifi Router and shared it on the network. All PC or Laptops on the same LAN/Wifi network can access and use the printer. The setup is a little tricky but easy. I prefer first to reset the printer settings so that there won’t be any issue while connecting the same. The easiest way to connect Canon E470 to a router is via a PC. Follow the steps below and there is also a video of the setup. The best recommended is to reset the printer settings before switching its wifi connection. If you have a brand new printer then skip this step and check the Wifi settings section below.

How to reset Canon Pixma E470?

Press and hold the Stop button. Wait until the Alarm light flashes 19 times. Leave the stop button and done. The power light will blink a few times confirming Canon E470 factory settings are restored. This is to flush down all the previous settings and restore the printer’s official settings. It became easier to set up the printer on the Wi-Fi after this. If you have purchased a new printer then skip this step.

Setup Canon Pixma E470 on Wifi/Router

We will now proceed with Canon Pixma E470 Wifi settings. If you are connecting this printer for the first time or want to change its Wifi settings then here is the simplest way. I will share a direct method of connecting Pixma E470 to the router. But first, if you face any error do not forget to reset your printer to default settings.

Before we start you will have to note down the following things. Router SSID – Default Wifi Name and Router Password – Your Wifi Password. Also, you will need an active internet connection.

  1. Connect Pixma E470 to a PC or Laptop using the USB Cable.
  2. Download Canon Pixma E470 Setup Software
  3. Run the setup and click on Start Setup.
  4. Select your Country Region and click on Next.
  5. Accept the License Agreement by click on Yes > Agree.
  6. Add Tick for Deactivate the block > Next.
  7. For Select Connection Method select Wireless LAN Connection > Next.
  8. Turn on the printer, wait for few seconds until the green light becomes stable, and then click on Next.
  9. Canon E470 Setup software will start detecting the printer. This will take time, approx 5 to 6 minutes. Do not worry just let the software do its task and wait for Select Printer Screen.
  10. On Select Printer choose “Set up the network connection according to the guide“. Click on Next.
  11. Next is the “Printer Setup screen“. On this message “If the Wireless lamp on the printer is flashing, press the stop button”, press the Stop button if the blue wireless light is blinking. If not then just ignore and click on Next.
  12. Press and hold the Wireless button for a while, release when the blue light starts blinking. Press the Color button twice and click on Next.
  13. Click on Next again, the software will now communicate with the router.
  14. On the Select wireless router screen, choose your Wifi and type the password on the right box below Network Key. Click Next.
  15. Leave E470 setup software to finalize the connection. It may take around 6 to 8 minutes to connect Canon Pixma E470 to the wireless router.
  16. You will see the Connection completed screen, which confirms the printer is connected to the router.
  17. Disconnect the USB cable from the PC/Laptop and click on Next.
  18. Pixma E470 will download all the necessary drivers and software.
  19. On Software Installation List you can select additional Canon tools. Like Manual, My Image Garden, Quick Menu PC App, Easy-WebPrint EX, XPS Driver, etc.
  20. Click Next to finalize the setup.

That’s it the printer is properly installed and connected to the router. You can follow the below steps to add the printer on any PC or Laptop connected to the same router via Wifi or LAN.

How to add Canon Pixma E470 to Windows 10 PC or Laptop as a default printer?

You have to follow the add printer step to add Pixma E470 to your PC. Sharing settings can be modified from the web panel.

  1. Click on Start > type Add a Printer or scanner in the Search Box.
  2. Click on Add Printer and let Windows 10 check the printer.
  3. It will automatically detect E470 and install the necessary drivers.

This is how you can install Canon Pixma E470 on Windows 10. You can share this printer on the network with any system. The same goes for Scanner. Just launch the Windows Scan app to use it once the printer is installed. You can also use Canon Inkjet mobile apps to use the printer. Read our guide on Canon Pixma E470 Wifi-Direct guide to print or scan on Pixma E470 using an Android or iOS Smartphone.