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Apple M1 Max vs Intel i9 – Which One is More Powerful?

Want to know which is the more powerful machine between Apple M1 Max vs Intel i9? Here are the benchmark results of both the M1 Max and Intel Core i9 12900HK.

There are many users who are looking for a comparison between the new M1 Max MacBook 2021 models and the Intel i9-Core processors. Recently, the Geekbench benchmark has listed a new Intel processor in its test. This leaked processor is Intel Core i9 12900HK which is based on Intel 7 features an 8 + 6 Alder Lake architecture. Let us find out which one is more powerful between Apple M1 Max vs Intel i9 below.

Apple M1 Max vs Intel i9 – Which One is More Powerful?

intel-alder-lake-12900hk-benchmark-vs-apple-m1-maxImage Source: wccftech.com

According to reports, the benchmark results of a new laptop powered by the Intel Core i9-12900HK processor were leaked on the Geekbench tests. This chip gives the best results among all of its competitors. As it may seem, this was an internal test performed by the laptop manufacturer. Also, the benchmark result came out with a few screenshots that you can see above.

So, as can be seen in the image above, the Core i9-12900HK model comes with 14 cores (6 large + 8 small) and 20 threads and its frequency is 2.9 GHz. In the same test, it got the highest score in comparison to all known Intel mobile chips, including the latest Apple M1 Max model.

Thus, the Core i9-12900HK mobile chip scored 1851 points in single-core and 13256 points in multi-core mode. And if we compare it with the new MacBook M1 Max chip, it scored somewhat lower points: 1,758 and 12,490 points, respectively.

intel-alder-lake-12900hk-vs-m1-maxImage Source: wccftech.com

It seems that the new processor of Intel Core i9-12900HK comes with 14 cores and 20 threads. Additionally, the CPU belongs to the Alder Lake-P family. Some sources also said that this processor will be released with 16 cores and 24 threads and could be found in the Alder Lake-S series.

As per the planning of Intel, the mobile computers with Alder Lake-P CPUs will release with the Arc Alchemist GPUs. It is also assumed that the new processor, Arc Alchemist graphics card series and the new laptop will be shown at CES 2022, which will be presented on January 5.

That is everything you need to know about the new Core i9 12900HK processor vs Apple M1 Max. Do not forget to check out how to take advantage of Apple student discount on M1 Max MacBook. In addition, also check how powerful M1 Max MacBook is in comparison to the MacBook Air 2020, etc.