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How to get Spotify Presale Codes or Tickets (2023)

This guide has some easy steps to get Spotify presale codes or tickets.

For hardcore fans who love to purchase the best seats for their favorite artist’s concert, Presale codes or Tickets become essential. Spotify is one of those well know platforms that releases Presale codes for lucky fans. If you are one of those eager fans, whose concert you don’t want to miss and want to buy tickets even before the sale, this guide has some tips that will help you to get one in a few simple steps.

Spotify: Get Presale Codes or Tickets (2023)

Get Spotify Presale Codes

Based on the streaming information of Spotify users, the priorities are sorted out. And then, the Presale Codes or tickets are distributed to the top fans of the top artists. By providing them with access to presale tickets for upcoming concerts as well as exclusive access to the artist’s merchandise, Spotify expresses its gratitude and appreciation to musicians’ biggest fans through the Fans First emails. These codes only give you access to tickets that aren’t public yet. These tickets rarely have discounts when on presale. To get these codes all you have to do is turn on all the Notification settings, especially the ‘Concert notifications’ and ‘Artists Update’ notifications from Spotify to avoid missing out on any updates. When the platform releases new code tickets or other updates, an email notification will be sent to you.

Who are all eligible for Spotify Presale Codes?

Any Spotify users who logged into Spotify and turned on their ‘Concert notifications’ and other essential notifications are eligible. No priority is given to Premium users as the terms and conditions are the same for both users.


Spotify doesn’t provide tickets for any concerts. It just gives codes that allow fans to purchase concert tickets from official sources.

Other Spotify Features

These codes are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and expire soon.

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