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How to fix Siri Shortcuts Not Working (2023)

Here is a guide on how to fix Siri shortcuts not working.

Apple’s offline voice assistant is considered to be one of the best virtual voice assistants in any smartphone. Siri has made Apple user’s life easier than before as they can use Siri to control anything they want from their iPhone and their surroundings. But recently many users faced problems while using Siri. They reported that the Siri Shortcuts were not working properly after they updated the software of their iPhone. If you are one of them then this guide will help you to fix Siri Shortcuts that are not working properly.

Tips and Tricks to fix Siri Shortcuts Not Working (2023)

fix siri shortcuts not working

Siri shortcuts are used to control many things on your iPhone. Many users also reported having problems using third-party app shortcuts. If you are also facing these problems you can try the below-mentioned tricks to resolve this issue.

Restart the Shortcut App

There may be some bugs installed by the app that may stop Siri to execute some commands. If this is the case you will need to quit the Shortcuts app and open the app again after some time.

Restarting the app will remove corrupt bugs that were installed by the app. Now, try giving some commands to Siri and check whether it is executing or not.

Reset Your Shortcuts

If the problem is not solved, you will need to remove all your shortcuts and add them again in the app. The reason behind this is that the commands may have got corrupted or broken. If you add the shortcuts once again it will reset the broken command. Now try using a random shortcut and check if it is executed or not.

Try Only Official Shortcuts

If the problem persists remove all the third-party shortcuts and keep the default or official shortcuts in the app. Now, you can try the official shortcuts, if they are executed successfully then the problem was with the third-party apps. If this is the case use a different third-party apps shortcut if the shortcuts were important.

Restart your iPhone

If the issue is not resolved then it is better to restart your phone. This will remove all the bugs from your phone. Once the phone is restarted try some shortcuts to check the status of the issue. This method should resolve this issue. If the issue is not resolved you will need to contact Apple’s dedicated customer support.

These are some tricks that can be used to resolve Siri shortcuts not working. If you are facing any issue while downloading an iCloud file on your iPad and iPhone, then here is a separate guide on How to fix iCloud files not downloading on iPad and iPhone.