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How to Set an Alarm on Apple Watch (2022)

Here's a guide on how to set an alarm on Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is loved by fans of the brand and it is a very useful and functional smartwatch of the moment able to carry out lots of activities that facilitate the days of the wearer. One such important function of the Apple smartwatch is to set an alarm to do your daily task or wake you up from sleep. On your Apple Watch, you can set an alarm both times like when you keep it on your wrist and while it is in night mode. If you want to know how this interesting guide will help you out.

Apple Watch: How to Set Alarm (2022)

There are several methods to set the alarm on your Apple Watch, either with Siri or through the Alarm application, let’s see together how to proceed with both the workarounds given below.

Set the alarm with Siri

Without a doubt, the fastest way to set an alarm on Apple Watch is through a voice command directed to Siri; then using the “Hey Siri” command – if configured correctly – or by holding down the watch crown, simply invoke “Set the alarm at …” specifying the time, to allow the voice assistant to learn the command and set the alarm. Obviously, you also need to pay attention to specify AM/PM time formats or consider using the 24 hours.

Similarly, it is possible to insert repeated alarms, simply by specifying “Set a repeated alarm at … “: in this way, you will enable a daily alarm at the indicated time.

Activate the alarm with the Alarms app

If voice commands aren’t your thing, then you can also set the alarm on Apple Watch simply by navigating through the watch settings. Then open the Alarms application installed as standard in the smartwatch, tap on Add alarm and then on AM or PM to set an alarm in the morning or afternoon hours; turn the crown to set the time and tap “Set” when finished.

To turn the alarm on or off, tap the switch next to it. I would also remind you that, you will only have to set AM/PM if you use the 12-hour format, otherwise you will not need to specify this setting.

That is all you need to know about how to set an alarm on Apple Watch. While you are here, you might be also interested to know How To Use Double Pinch Gesture On Apple Watch, and How to Activate Night Mode in Apple Watch Ultra.